Best Content Writing Services In 2022

Jan, 22 | 01 min read
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Content. High-quality, engaging, and consistent content is the one thing that every business strives to deliver. It paints a picture and sends out a message of what your brand stands for to your consumers. And it is what drives your target audience to your website at the end of the day. The core of your brand image revolves around interpretations. How and what the audience perceives your brand. And what better way to do that than with expressing in words? The possibilities are endless with Content Writing, which is why it has gained such immense popularity in the past decade or so in the realm of Content Marketing.

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With that, almost every other brand is trying to find a team of accomplished writers who can bring value to their brand. That is why in this article, we have talked about everything there is to know and listed down some of the best Content Writing Services that you can opt for your business.


  • Content Writing Services are agencies that offer you expert writers that reach the Content goals for your website and help grow your business.
  • Any good Content Writing Services offer you High-quality write-ups at reasonable prices with flexible policies.
  • Different Content Writing Agencies offer different services. So, opt for the one that best suits your budget and meets your demands.

Why Do Businesses Need Content Writers?

In the realm of Content Marketing, Written Content has come a long way since traditional advertisements and consistently proven its value and effectiveness over the years. When done correctly, it can increase your customer retention and Return On Investment. 93% of the B2B businesses have embraced Content Writing as a marketing medium rather than a traditional advertisement.

And that is because Content Writing allows your brand to put up well-written, cohesive content that perfectly mirrors your brand and attracts new Leads in return. So, whether your target is to expand your reach or re-establish your position in the market as a strong competitor with creative and out-of-the-box content, Content Writing is the way to go.

Building a team of your own is always a great idea. However, that can be a very tedious and overwhelming job, which is why hiring a Content Writing Services company that finds the best professionals for the kind of results you want is always an easier option. Moreover, the cost that comes with hiring a team of full-time content writers is also not an option for many businesses.

Outsourcing your Content Writing to a Content Writing Services Agency can save both your time and money. With so many Content Writing Services agencies in the market, you will achieve different experiences working with each one of them.

Features You Need To Look For In Content Writing Services

A well-executed piece of Content will not only emotionally engage people but include SEO and help you gain more exposure. That is why there are multiple aspects that you need to look out for before you choose your third-party agency to outsource your Content Writing.


With so many options to choose from, the pricing of each Content varies from agency to agency. If you are outsourcing your Content Writing for the first time, you can easily overpay for a service that is nothing better than a few cents per word. So, in order to ensure that you are getting the most value for money, you need to compare the pricing and the package deals that each one is offering to that of their competitors.

However, keep in mind that a lower price tag does not always ensure a good quality writeup. You need to compare the quality of work and the added benefits that each agency offers you to understand exactly how much you should be paying.

Who Are The Writers And Do They Understand Your Target Customers

Content Writing Agencies work with more than hundreds of writers, which is why it is hard to predict the kind of outcome you are going to get each time. That is why you cannot always expect a piece of writeup that will tick all of the boxes for you. That said, there are aspects that you can ensure to at least get your money's worth.

Before you outsource your Content Writing, research the kind of writers they work with and if they are experts in the relative field. Now, experts can be someone who has a basic understanding of your field and knows the technical words. Since this will help maintain that your content stays relevant to the readers and make them engage more in return.

Revisions Policy

As mentioned before, you cannot always get your expected result with each writeup because it depends a lot on the writing style of the Content Writer. And this is where Revisions Policies come in to help you tweak changes or ideas throughout the article.

So, before you hire a third-party agency, ask if they include revisions policy. If yes, then ask how many revisions are allowed and if there are any limitations. Lastly, ask how much they charge for corrections or if they charge at all.

Quality Of The Work Being Delivered

When we talk about High-quality, we mean Content that is SEO optimized, grammatically correct, unique, and adjusted to the overall vibe of the brand. SEO optimization will lead to increased traffic to your website, and the well-versed engaging Content will lead to increased customer retention.

And the best way to evaluate the quality is to ask for samples. Better yet, a portfolio. Apart from that, you can always get a basic idea of their work from the reviews left by other clients.

End To End Content Creation

Many third-party agencies offer more than just creating content. They help you strategize and monitor to design the Content that will bring out the most outcome. These agencies will help you from brainstorming the Content ideas to the execution process.

Keep in mind that not all agencies will provide you with such services, and the services themself may come with a hefty price tag.

The Best Content Writing Services You Can Opt For

That is why you must ensure that the company you are entrusting your Content Writing with delivers high-quality and consistent writeups. With all the main features in mind, we have listed down the best Content Writing Services that you can go for to outshine your competitors in the market.


RankToday is an SEO-based Company that delivers High-quality Content that not only grabs readers' attention but brings in the most traffic to your site.

Source: RankToday

This Content Writing Service has a lot to offer, and that too at a decent price range. And the fact that RankToday has helped over 1500+ businesses to gain better rankings increased sales, and conversions speak for themselves. Not just that, it has effectively helped brands reach their content goal while reducing their in-house costs of brands by more than 70%. And if that was not enough, it has increased the brand revenues by 138% over a six-month period, which only adds to their reliability.

From free Pay Per Click consultations to competitor analysis and customized PPC plans, RankToday offers you all and for FREE. On top of that, you obviously have a team of expert Content Writers that deliver SEO-optimized and tailored high-converting content for your businesses to grow. So, if you are looking for a brand that will consistently help you rank better on Google, then RankToday is the way to go.


Zerys is most definitely the one on the list that provides the most hassle-free experience to its customers. It is an award-winning content planning and production agency that allows you to customize your write-ups the way you want. The most convenient aspect of using Zerys is that it allows you to choose the writer you want to work with, so you always have options.

With Zerys, all you have to do is go to their website and sign up for your required field of services. Then the freelancers working with them will send you an offer to do your work. Moreover, you can either accept or reject, based on the quality of the final product.

It also comes with one of the lowest price tags starting from $0.01 per word. However, you will have to pay extra to make additional changes to your write-ups. Lastly, you get free tools to strategize and plan your content with your product.


Verblio is a US-based Content Writing Service that offers client-specified SEO-optimized Content to marketing agencies. With Verblio, you can submit guidelines for your writeup and pay for the Content that you decide to accept ONLY.

This Service provider works with over 3000 writers who are experts in a wide array of industries, so no matter your industry type, rest assured that you will have a creative writer create your Content. Moreover, it offers a wide range of writing styles from eBook writing to Copywriting to meet any of your business needs.

Lastly, with Verblio's Pro Services package, you can sign up to get SEO assistance, strategize Content, and organize all of the clients into one dashboard.


Scripted is one of the largest platforms to post about Content Writing Services. That said, Scripted is somewhat similar in terms of services compared to Zerys.

Similar to Zerys, at Scripted, freelancers send you offers to carry out your job with a price tag that is convenient to you. It is an easy-to-use website where all you need to do is sign up and post about your projects. With an acceptance rate of 2%, Scripted ensures that you consistently get High-quality and SEO-optimized products.

That said, the guaranteed satisfaction Service provider comes with a hefty price tag. On top of paying for each article, Scripted takes a membership fee starting from $149 per month for its services.

Writer Access

Writer Access got built with the thought of growing organically and focusing on creating content that allows your brand to grow. It is yet another platform where you can connect with freelancers and post about the project that you need to get done. The writers will then send you proposals on working with you.

Once you find a freelancer through their AI writer search engine that matches your niche, you can go through their work and portfolio and then place an order for service at their rate. It comes with unlimited revisions. So you can add tweaks here and there according to your need. Moreover, it has a built-in Copyscape and one-click integrations system, and much more.

That said, all of these features and advanced tools ask for a generous charge. So, if you have a larger budget to pay for each content and can opt for a monthly user subscription fee, this can be a good fit for your company.


ClearVoice is your end-to-end Content Writing Services platform that not only provides you with good quality write-ups but manages your entire content development strategies and campaigns.

It uses its 'teamlancing' model to find the right editors, SEO keywords, writers, and strategists who will work with you to design the Content that your business needs and then monitor its performance. And based on the number of services you require, the team will develop pricing customized for your needs. That said, you can always adjust your preferred rate once you sign up with the platform.

Key Takeaways

Content Writing has come a long way since traditional advertisements, and today, there are hundreds of Content Writing Services platforms offering you can choose from to grow your business. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what kind of work you need and prefer and what you are willing to pay for it.

Whether you are someone already working with Content Writers or someone looking for ways to delve into the world of Content Marketing, learning about the newer services available in the market is always a good idea.

Looking for a Content Writing Service for your business? You can give RankToday a try! Contact today to give your business a voice.

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