How To Edit Homepage SEO On Shopify In 2022

Mar, 22 | 21 min read
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A website homepage is essentially the window of every online store, providing a detailed description of the items and brand to increase sales. Due to the relevancy to the search query, SEO plays a significant role in driving traffic and sales.

The length of time a visitor spends on a page varies between 10 and 20 seconds due to the status quo. As a result, online businesses must make a stunning design for their homepage and make it user-friendly with a navigable search engine that makes it easier for visitors to locate what they are searching for. That is why Shopify Homepage SEO is so important for online stores.

shopify homepage
(From Shopify)

New and old clients will be impressed by the webpage, which includes instructions. There are some recommendations to prepare with Shopify Homepage SEO to increase sales and the customer's email subscribers to encourage the user's businesses. In this article, we will discuss -

So, if you are interested, keep reading.

What You Need To Include In Your Store’s Shopify Homepage

A Search Bar

If customers arrive at a website and become disoriented because they can't find what they were looking for, they will leave. The ideal option will be a simple search bar that substitutes complicated navigation. The search bar is one of the most significant components in helping customers locate what they need. Therefore, it can increase the number of customers or sales.

search bar
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The easier it is for online buyers to find the things they desire, the more money Shopify store owners may make. The search terms will be the solution for online vendors, leading them directly to recommended products and other information on the homepage.

Great Content

Online sellers must create high-quality content to make their shops more attractive to customers. One of the accomplishments for online retailers will be the number of customers who opted to stay on your webpage after the first five seconds.

preparing content

Audiences can make the following selections on this homepage:

  • After visiting the Homepage, make a purchase.
  • Then, get more details about the available products through more promotional content.

To make customers feel good, almost all online sellers must use appealing headlines, convincing subtitles, and visual graphics to capture their attention. Other ways for online shops to attract attention include using navigation banners on the homepage to promote special events or offers to visitors. That is a great way to keep customers coming back to learn more about your stores and products.


There is an excellent approach to highlight the webpage by using customized images. The content that online shops display on their homepage and the photos that buyers can see of their products influence online purchasing decisions significantly. Moreover, a nice image on a homepage will make clients feel content and respect the sophistication of the page. You may select free images from websites such as Pixel or Unsplash, or issue custom ones for yourself through 3rd party websites.


Calls To Action

Customers are interested in the content and images when they arrive on the page, but how can you get them to make a purchase? The call to action button is an excellent way to increase purchases. Since it is difficult to overlook and simple to set up, this tool is necessary and effective for any online shop.

rank today homepage
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The homepage's primary purpose should be to direct clients to a subsequent buying procedure. To understand more about your products, use calls to action to push the newest releases. However, with so much material on the homepage, it's difficult for online consumers to see this button. When customers click on the Homepage, the online retailers can make this button stand out with a unique design to get them to give heed. Whenever they click the CTA button, you'll have extra chances to get more data or persuade them to buy anything.

A Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is one of the criteria that leads to actual purchases. As a result, online businesses should guarantee that the homepage includes a user-friendly shopping basket that all clients can easily access. Furthermore, a simple shopping cart will be required for a homepage.

shopping cart
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Navigation Tools

The better the navigation is, the more simple the page is. This statement can be counterintuitive for online retailers because you need to include more information and images if you want to draw attention. On the other side, you must make your Homepage as fast as possible so that visitors do not abandon your page due to a long delay. Shopify store owners must keep their loading pages as quick as possible.

navigation tools
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First and foremost, the Header navigation should be simple and set up with all objectives in mind. There should be a restricted number of navigation links on the homepage (approximately 7). If a website has too many navigation options, it can become confusing and intimidating for visitors, causing them to abandon it or even follow the wrong path. Emphasizing your navigation links is a fantastic strategy, and they should be ordered from left to right according to their importance degree. Another option for online stores is to get proper help to create the most excellent header navigation.

Furthermore, Sub-navigation is a helpful tool for organizing products and sites. Using a drop-down menu, particularly when you have many items, helps customers focus on your primary archives and creates sub-navigation. It is vital to verify whether clients are off the conversion route or not while adding the various links to the Homepage. If these links aren't going to help your conversions, put them at the bottom instead.

How You Can Optimize Your Shopify Homepage SEO


Some business owners overlook this SEO tactic since it is difficult to view the URL of homepages. The Shopify Homepage is more comprehensible to search engines if the URL is easy to traverse, and they can have higher ranks on Google. Here are some pointers on how to make your URLs more optimized:


Since the default name of URLs is terrible for SEO, Shopify store owners must modify it and render the content more visible. Products/white-cotton-shirt, for example, is far superior to /products/dssdhlg8887dniuanusd.

Keyword Inclusion

Keywords are crucial for increasing organic traffic. As a result, store owners should include relevant keywords in the text of their pages. The fundamental purpose of SEO for the URL is to achieve this. However, online retailers should select the highest quality terms among the many keywords available to increase their distinctiveness and popularity.


For online shops, excessively long URLs are a terrible idea. The right length is crucial, and it necessitates consideration of two main factors: deep folder structure and keyword stuffing. Because it's been suggested that keywords from left to right should be given less weight, some people are attempting to prolong their URLs. However, if the URL has a complex structure, using a short URL such as /products is OK.

It is not required to pack keywords into URLs, even though doing so will dilute the value of the URL and cause it to be labeled or spammy. Instead, it is a terrific approach to make it simple with a sentence to explain the page's content.

Page Title

The title> HTML tag can be found in the head> section of the webpage. A page title will display not only in the headline of a page but also when you post your brand online, which is vital for SEO. There are a few strategies to make the title stand out amongst countless competitors:

Make Sure It Is Distinct

Your Shopify store must stand out among the millions of others on the platform. Your shops will have a better chance of appearing high in search results if they have a distinctive page title. Furthermore, if the material of pages can be communicated in the title, visitors will have an easier time finding your store through search engines.

Inclusion Of Effective Keywords

For online shops to match the client searching for, the keywords in the page title are critical. Keywords that successfully bring more visitors to your page are good. Furthermore, if your stores are visited consistently every month, your ranking will skyrocket. The page should include more keyword phrases and avoid straplines or too wide keywords.


Although the appropriate length is debatable, search engines frequently show more or fewer than 70 characters. This is because the width of a page is commonly measured in pixels rather than characters by a search engine. The good idea is to keep page names around 70 characters and avoid using punctuation to split them up (...). Visitors and search engines will quickly locate you if your title is of appropriate length. On the other hand, online vendors can succeed with a variety of screen sizes, lengths, and layouts.

Have A Title Per Page

There is a possibility that search engines would disregard online shops with many titles on a single heading page. Furthermore, only one of them may get chosen at random. As a result, the ideal option is to present only the most relevant page title on the page.


The <h1> HTML tag content is the major heading or H1. Additional subheadings, like <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, and so on, should be added to this heading. Subheadings are typically written in a distinct style from the paragraph text. The topics should be bigger and bolder than the other text in the paragraph so that users can quickly grasp them. As a result, headings and subheadings can carry more SEO significance than basic paragraph sentences.

(From Tutorial Republic)

Subheadings, in particular, allow users to split their website into various categories, making it easier for visitors to understand and attracting more customers to stores. Shop owners can use these helpful hints to make their businesses more easily navigated:

  • Integrate various subheadings under one heading - Subheadings should be included in each heading by Shopify store owners. In addition, multiple main elements should be described in distinct paragraphs of text beneath these subheadings.
  • Choose words on a heading and subheadings HTML - It's preferable to represent the content of headers and subheadings with a single sentence.

Make Sure It Is Unique

When the search engine notices many images with the exact alt text, it will ignore them. That implies that online sellers will have a difficult time finding you in a competitive marketplace. To improve SEO value, they should have distinct alt texts for each image.

Effective Keyword Inclusion

These photos' descriptions should include good keywords and have distinctive alt text. They can make it easier for search engines to find your stores. Moreover, these effective keywords might attract new clients.

Image Description

The alt text for images must be filled up with relevant information. These alternative texts will quickly increase your search engine rankings. The image should be described as precisely as possible by SEO.

Necessary Length

The lengthiest Alt text is contained within a single sentence. Furthermore, it is suggested that online businesses speak organically through their content rather than listing and separating keywords.

Internal Links

Internal links with keywords in the content aid Shopify store owners in search engine optimization. Additionally, it encourages customers to spend more time on their websites. Some ways may be used to improve its SEO, such as:

Structured Navigation

In Shopify shops, the navigation bar including links in the footer has to be the primary level of pages. The number of layers of browsing should not exceed two since this can cause the key to your SEO to be lost.

Include Liberal Links

Apart from the internal navigation for links, Shopify business owners can also improve by using liberal links within the page content. SEO could be substantially improved by using links freely. Furthermore, product pages, related goods, compilations, and blog posts will be integrated to encourage visitors to remain longer and increase sales.

Add Keywords In The Anchor Text

The anchor text, also known as link text, is a tool that customers can use to push their products. The search engine may simply find your businesses using HTML text such as < i hate='/this-text'>text/c>, which can increase sales.

Great Content Helps You Rank Higher

It is straightforward but necessary for online businesses to create great content to improve their SEO. The SEO of a blog article or video, for instance, will benefit from a distinctive title and meta description.

Furthermore, updated SEO content can simply help you achieve higher ranks. Therefore, it is critical for online merchants to alter titles and descriptions as the content of a post or video changes.

Create Links To Your Product Pages From Your Homepage

The Shopify homepage is unique and essential for any Shopify Store business. The smooth transition will take people to the site because it is the most compelling page. Furthermore, text navigation links are essential for SEO. Developing a good and successful SEO homepage attracts a large number of clients. When visitors arrive at the homepage, integrating product pages into the homepage might save them a lot of time finding the specific products they desire. It's particularly crucial to include those pages to boost sales of particular products. This will make it easier for people to find those products.

product links
(From Geniuslink)

On the other hand, many internet sellers do not use this connection to improve SEO. Making them undetectable to would-be clients who are seeking them. Online shops effectively promote customers and enable themselves to generate sales by linking to the top of the homepage using text navigation. Another possibility is to include a search box.


Shopify store owners often overlook the homepage for SEO, yet competent online stores should pay more attention to this feature. Every online business can improve its design and SEO keywords with this resource. As a result, Shopify store owners can increase their sales by optimizing their homepage.

As previously mentioned, one of the best ways to do so is by crafting great content. If you need help in that regard, contact us here at RankToday and give your content a clear, authoritative voice.

Get Content Today.

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