The Trick To Becoming A Good SEO Copywriter

Jul, 22 | 00 min read
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Over the years, the shift in consumer behaviour has made businesses rely more on online marketing. Thus, comes SEO optimization. Currently, SEO is the one thing that can help website content rank higher and generate more traffic to the site. However, what most businesses fail to comprehend is that SEO is not as effective on its own.

So what makes an effective SEO strategy? The content, the URLs, the execution, and much more. Right now, content is one of the most vital things that can boost your overall SEO. Incorporate SEO with copywriting, and you have SEO copywriting.

SEO copywriter

However, these days, one of the biggest challenges of a copywriter includes, "how do I make my content rank better on the Search Engines?" And we understand the struggle. Because as Google keeps changing its algorithm every few months, it gets even more difficult for writers to develop a strategy. But it does not end there; there is much more to it when it comes to SEO copywriting, and we are here to discuss everything you need to know to master it.

So, if you are an aspiring copywriter struggling to learn the ways you can keep up with Search Engines, you have stumbled upon the right article.

So, keep on reading as we delve deep into the following aspects,


  • SEO copywriting is how you optimize your content with SEO and help it rank better on the SERP.
  • SEO copywriters write content persuasively to generate more leads and evoke an incentive to make a purchase or take any action, thus, increasing the overall sale and ROI.
  • While the process to maintain good SEO content can be daunting, with the following fundamental techniques, you can increase your chances of becoming the best in the industry.

What is SEO? And Why Do You Need to Incorporate it with Copywriting?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the marketing and sales technique to help businesses rank higher on the Search Engines Results Page. Thus, when your content ranks higher, it increases your chances to reach the target audience faster than your competitors in the market. So, the higher your content ranks, the more traffic it drives towards your website. Thus, in return, increasing the overall Return On Investment. To put it simply, SEO, at its very core, is the technique used to ensure a higher ranking on the Google results page to generate more leads.

As we all already know, copywriting is content written constructively to evoke people to become paying customers. So, what do we mean by SEO copywriting, and how does it differ from the regular content written by copywriters? SEO copywriting is the process through which the copywriter constructs the content in a manner that follows the basic SEO principles. Thus, helping it to rank higher on the SERP.

Notice the first few local ads each time you search for something on the internet? That is all due to SEO. So, by incorporating SEO with copywriting, the writer ensures that the content meets the overall needs of the website visitors and is in line with Google's recent updates. That way, the search engines get to interpret your content better and list it on top of the list.


The 9 Best Tricks to Mastering SEO Copywriting

As keeping up with the Google trends and algorithm becomes increasingly difficult with time, there are a few fundamentals that you can follow to ensure good SEO copywriting at all times.

Understand the Search Intent

One of the key ingredients to good copywriting is understanding the intent behind the search. So, what do we mean by that? It means understanding why a user may search for a specific keyword on the internet and then relating your targeted keyword to that need.

To put it simply, it is the process through which you research the intent behind why a user may search a keyword and then construct your content accordingly. So, if you target the keyword that says SEO Marketing with your SEO services, then Google will show your content when a user searches up related keywords.

In this regard, keyword intent is of three types such as informational, commercial, transactional, and navigational. That is to say, if the user intents to know about something, the search engines will not show your commercial content to them. This way, you maintain the relevance of your copywriting and help visitors meet their needs.

Make a List of Relevant Keywords and Stop Stuffing

As much as you must understand the user’s search intent, it is also crucial that you select just the right keywords to drive people to your site. Why? Again, relevance.

You want to optimize your copy with keywords that relate to your site and the content gist because the keywords you target are going to be what drives the consumers to your webpage. What this will do is help Google to show your content to the right customers. So, the more relevant your keywords are to your copywriting piece, the better your chances of being of value to the consumers.

So, start by making a list of all the relevant keywords you want your target audience to find on your website and scatter them throughout your copy. You may also want to mix and match applicable search terms to increase your chances of being discovered by the right consumers.

That said, make sure you do not overdo things regarding SEO optimization. Above everything, you do not want the search engines to mark your content as spam.

Add Value to Customers

A good piece of SEO copywriting revolves mainly around relevance. Whether or not your content answers the user's queries and whether or not they are delivered the right way will determine the content pertinence at the end of the day. And based on the level of relevance, the Search Engines will rank your website accordingly.


So, when writing a copy, make sure to add value to the consumer as much as possible. How well does your content deliver information compared to other sites, how much data you have to back up your claims, and how better are your solutions than your competitors work as determiners in measuring the level of value your content adds to your consumers.

Additionally, this increases your chances of getting featured on other websites. Thus, expanding your reach to a wider audience.

Keep it Concise

As a writer myself, I understand how tempting it is not to go those few extra miles and talk about a subject in depth. Since copywriting mostly deals with advertising and marketing a product, the content within should be short and to the point.

Your copywriting piece should maintain the perfect balance between entertaining and informative simultaneously. So, start by practising more and finding the right middle ground. Thus, this will help the Search Engines to rank your content better. Since the more you are being concise and using the right amount of keywords at just the right spots, the better Google interprets your content.

Turn Heads with Your Headline and Follow Latest Trends

Consumers these days do not have the time to go to the next page to find relevant articles. Therefore, they opt for the ones that show up on the first page of the SERP. Think of the last time you clicked on the second page after searching a keyword?

And with the competition rising every day, you need to have a headline that stands out in the crowd. And for that, you may want to keep up with the latest trends to seem more relevant to your customers, for instance, 13 reasons you should optimize your content with SEO.

The more you speak a similar language as your targetted audience, the more your chances of driving them to your content. Remember that your headline must match the content to add value to the users visiting your site.

Time to Tailor the Featured Snippet

So what is a featured snippet? A featured snippet is the portion of the content that gets featured along with the headline on the SERP. This small snippet allows users to get a basic understanding of what lies within the content.

A peek behind the curtain is the best way to describe what a featured snippet does. Remember the short descriptions that sometimes get featured along with the headlines on the results page, mainly containing answers to our queries? And, based on the level of relevance, we decide whether or not to enter the site?

That is why you need to optimize your featured snippet with relevant keywords. And to do that, you may want to answer a few of the frequently asked questions of the SERP related to your topic.

Optimize Meta Description

The meta description or meta tags work almost the same as the featured snippets. In this case, the meta description is the small featured box that shows up along the article's headline.

meta description
From sikhcounsilusa

This short description plays the role of explaining the content gist to the users. The trick here is to add the SEO keywords where necessary. In such a case, you may use one or two keywords in a single sentence or focus and build around a single keyword. Thus, the more accurate and convincing your descriptions are, the more people will find a reason to visit your site.

Establish Authority

The idea behind establishing authority is to expand your domain and validate your webpage. The trick here is to determine the keywords related to your content and build your content around those keywords.

The way Search Engines relates keywords to your site and brings customers to your doorstep is a lot more complex than you think. For Google to show your article to targeted customers, you need more than one article based on similar keywords.

In such as case, one or two articles will not suffice. You need more content for Search Engines to validate your page. That is why you will see multiple articles based on similar keywords on different sites.

Write Everywhere

You can learn about all the tricks and tips you want. But it all comes down to how you execute your content.

In order to master the techniques, you need to write everywhere. Do not just confine yourself to writing articles for clients only. Try to expand your horizon and write on topics that best interest you.

Start by building on your portfolio and be more open to constructive criticism. Remember, the more platforms you use to write your content, the more your chances of getting recognized by the SERP.

Final Takeaways

With excellent SEO content comes superior rankings. So, for your copywriting to rank higher on the SERP, you need to optimize with relevant keywords and maintain the fundamentals. That said, writing should also be fun. So, do not let the rules and regulations confine your writing abilities. Instead, try to work around the basics.

rank today
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