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We Buy Houses San Antonio

If you have ever asked your self one of these questions, “How do I sell my house fast in San Antonio” or “Who will buy my house in San Antonio?” then you are in the right places and have found the answer with Pryme Homes! We are family run, understand your position and our goal is to be the best local house and home buyers in San Antonio.

Houses, however much we love them have a few drawbacks. They can be a pain to sell and take ages sitting on the market. On top of that realtor fees and commissions can really cut into your profits. Pryme Homes is the preferred home buying company in San Antonio and we will purchase your home as is! You heard it right, we will buy your house in san Antonio in the exact condition it is in now. 

No need for extensive repairs, or unnecessary renovations or hauling our the stuff you don't need. We take care of it all. You know the best part? There are no home fees, realtor fess, or commissions of nay sort. And if you didn't guess it yet, you will be able to sell your home without a realtor!

san antonio homes we buy

Let’s face it. The traditional San Antonio home selling experience is terrible.

Its our mission at Pryme Homes to help homeowners like you ! We strive to provide you with a better, smoother home selling experience. Thats why for the past 6 years we have helped hundreds of homeowners sell their homes faster for cash offers in only 7 days. The amazing part is that because we buy houses for cash, we have a super simple and effective method in place to ensure you as the home owner with certainty that you home will sell. This process is only 3 steps and it helps you avoid any hassles you may have faces such as a realtor, unneeded repairs or just weeks of uncertainty about your home and your future. 

Here's how to sell a San Antonio house fast to PrymeHomes



If you call us you can get an estimate in most cases for your San Antonio home over the phone right away. We go over all the features that increase the value of your home to give you a fair estimate. If you like our offer, we discuss a home visit that fits your schedule. 



We have home buying specialists that meet you and conduct walk throughs at your house. They check for any repairs and issues. But don't worry YOU DON'T HAVE TO MAKE REPAIRS. We handle that aspect for you. When the initial assessment and walk through is completed you will be presented with a sales agreement which you can sign and get ready for closing.



Seriously, it's that simple! Its exactly this easy when you work with PrymeHomes we work on your timeline and ensure all details of the home selling process are taken care for you. You show up, sign, collect the cash.


We buy houses in San Antonio in the following neighborhoods:

Whose the best "We Buy Houses" Company?

So you went on google and searched for “We Buy Houses” and a company locally in san Antonio popped up. Well actually many home buying companies did. So how do you know which si the best company that buys houses. We are here to ensure you that PrymeHomes is that ideal company for you. As investors who have been purchasing homes throughout the nation as have a long and satisfactory client history behind us. You can checkout what people say about us here in the reviews

With hundreds of satisfactory customers who has had fantastic home buying experiences since 2005 with us. Your journey from home to cash will be a smooth one. At PrymeHomes we will buy your house in just days and we work on your schedule and keep the process as simple and convenient for you as we can.

We don't ask you your reasons for selling - all we do is buy homes in San Antonio fast. If you have inherited a San Antonio home or are facing foreclosure (which by the way we can help with), have to move or are separated - it does not matter we will buy your home. We sell homes fast in San Antonio and we are here to sell your house for cash in just 7 days.

We buy houses in San Antonio in the following neighborhoods:

Alamo Heights
Leon Valley
Universal City
Timberwood Park
And More!

Sell Your House Fast in San Antonio

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The Benefits of Selling a House in San Antonio

San Antonio is a vibrant city in south-central Texas. If you google we buy houses San Antonio, you would come across tons of results. But why is that, you might ask? Here are some of the benefits that you get when you sell your house in San Antonio:

San Antonio is a seller's market

Supply and demand in a market decide its benefits on either of the parties. The ball is in the seller's court. This means that more houses are selling in San Antonio and bringing in more fortune to the sellers, and here at Pryme Homes, we ensure that you get the best deal.

Special benefit to the seller due to tight inventory.

Having a tight inventory means that the demand for houses is more than the supply, which makes it a very sought after area of investment.

The homes are selling quickly.

Due to the tight inventory, buyers try to make no further delays once they spot a house that catches their eye and go for the deal instantly, selling the house in a matter of a few days, here at Pryme Homes. Thus, it gets easier for the sellers who wish to sell their property off as soon as possible and save up their time trying to find a buyer.

San Antonio is a sought after area

Selling a house can be a task that tires you down, it isn't a child's play. But in San Antonio, it becomes a piece of cake to sell your house because there are so many buyers who wish to start a new life in this city, owing to it to the culture of San Antonio.
San Antonio is an extremely friendly place where you can never get bored and always find a way to keep your mind engaged. The economic state of the city is blossoming as well, making it an attraction for people looking for stable employment. We at Pryme Homes are well aware of this and will do our best to get you a fair price for your house.

Situations For Selling a House in San Antonio

Buying your own house in a nice locality with great amenities is on the top rank when chasing your true American dream. People work fingers to the bone to be able to live that dream in day-time reality, but what situation arises that the same hopeful people have to sell their shelters away? Well, there could be a handful of reasons that leads a person to their house to us, at PrymeHomes.

Outgrowing the current house

'Starter home’ is what most homeowners like you invest in because it matches what you need at that point, but with progress in life and after getting stable, you want to sell the smaller house for a larger one.

The Empty Nest Syndrome

The house seems a little too big and filled with too many sentiments once the kids are all moved out, leading the parents to switch to a much smaller option that is enough to support their needs.

Job transfers

Life is an ever going hustle, you are at one side of the globe one moment, and then the next second, you will be required on the other side. One of the most common reasons why people have to shift their locations is because of job transfers, a situation in which houses sell very quickly because the seller is highly motivated to sell off the house.


Divorces, break-ups, moving in together or getting married, an expanding family; there are a variety of stages in each relationship that results either in selling off the smaller house for a big one to support more members, or getting rid of a house that they shared together and move on in life.

Cash in equity

The prices of houses often hike up to a good fortune in the market, which makes it more profitable to sell it off and extract the benefits.

For a better neighborhood

With changing times, crime rates increase in specific areas of the city or the locality just isn't providing enough amenities that the homeowners wish for.

A need for being closer to family

Often people decide to move their locations to be closer to family. It might be due to a sick relative that they have to take care of or to raise their family in a more family-friendly environment.

Health issues

When people are hit with medical issues, whether due to old age or a health condition that requires constant medical supervision, they often move into a house that is closer to medical institutions and closer to nature to improve the quality of life.

Maintenance is hiking up

One day, you have to fix the sink, the other day, the windows need some serious repairing, the cost to keep the house in a proper condition sometimes lead to a stage that selling it off for a decent price to us at Pryme Homes where We Buy Houses San Antonio would be a much better option.

A financial loss

Losing a job or a significant decline in your I come could affect your life majorly, pushing you to a decision of selling the house to handle other expenses on priority.
If you are someone planning to sell your house in San Antonio, the stars are surely in your favour! We at PrymeHomes will make your selling journey smoother, with our great customer service!

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