What Is The Best AI Article Writer And Is It Worth It?

Feb, 22 | 57 min read
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Error-free, informative, well-researched written contents are a must for website owners. Many website owners consider hiring an effective freelancer. But there is another tool you can work with, which is an AI writing tool.

AI writing tools are efficient for automated content such as articles or blog posts. Nowadays, AI writers are more competent than ever. They can produce top-notch content of various topics and formats within a short time and without any error.

There are a plethora of AI writing tools in the market. Hence, it is difficult to choose one. That’s why we have compiled a list of AI writing tools with their pros, cons, and pricing so that you can pick the one that serves your purpose while meeting your budget.

AI Article Writer: Artificial Intelligence

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  • AI writers emerge as popular tools to ease the high-volume content generation process.
  • The simplest terms employ machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches to automate the content creation process. This content may fall under any category from blog to social media posts.
  • There are three types of AI writing tools: Article Generator, Article Rewriter, and Summary Creator.
  • AI article writers save time and money, generate SEO-friendly content, and do not face barriers like writer's block.
  • Some of the best AI article writers have been discussed in the article.

AI Copywriting tools- What are they?

In general, AI writing software refers to a wide range of tools that employ artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches to automate producing high-quality written content. This can range from blog entries and articles to social media updates, buying guides, and website content- anything that includes written language.

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Therefore, AI writing tools are very convenient for generating content quickly. Moreover, it may help with writers’ block as well.

Types Of AI Writing Tools:

Article Generator

Article Generators work to generate SEO-friendly articles and blog posts with a focus keyword. To comprehend how to produce the article, article generators frequently look at existing articles on the internet with similar focus subjects.

Article Rewriter

An article rewriter takes a sample word article and rewrites it in a unique style while keeping the main points the same. Thus, rewriters can rephrase/ rewrite sentences using a variety of synonyms and perspectives. Article rewriters need a competitor’s article to rewrite.

Summary Creator

A summary creator employs artificial intelligence to analyze the entire content of an article and produce a synopsis. The summary creator can extract significant points from the text and summarize them in a synchronized way.

Advantages Of Using AI Article Writers

Efficient Use of Resources

You might not be able to quantify the extent to which AI content creators put efficient use of your resources. One of the key advantages is that they save time and money-two on the most important resources. Since AI article writers can prepare content in a matter of minutes, it is an excellent platform for you to exercise higher volumes of content for numerous sites. As a result, you will either not require recruiting writers or need less of them to manage your work. This eliminates the expense of hiring, managing, and keeping the employees in the long run.

Crafts SEO Friendly Content

AI article writers craft unique stories that are SEO optimized already. All you have to do is add the list of relevant content keywords alongside the subjects to create the article. However, since they are already technologically intelligent, you don't have to worry further. The best AI writers create blogs that offer semantic and consistent relevant keywords to simplify your job.

There Is No Such Thing As Writer’s Block For AI Article Writer

Let’s face it. No writer can avoid this complete cycle of undergoing a creative block. For whatever reason that this barrier may develop, there is no way around it for writers. However, for an AI article writer, there is no scope for content facing the music of a writer’s block. The AI article writer will create the same frequency and quality of the content at any given time.

Best Content Generator and AI Article Writer


Jarvis is also known as Conversion AI. It is a popular article writer and content generator. In fact, its content generator is known as Jasper, also the smartest content generator in the industry.

Jarvis, one of the best AI Article Writer
Image From Jasper Website

Jasper has integrated GPT-3 and custom features that make it stand out. As a result, you can rewrite the article multiple times to match your brand’s tone. Moreover, it can translate your content into 11 languages.

Jarvis produces original content within a limited period. It is integrated with Surfer SEO that helps in keyword optimization of the article. Over 30,000 business owners rely on Jarvis to generate content, SEO titles, meta descriptions, headlines, feature lists, and much more.

Jarvis Features

  • Built-in Grammarly that generates error-free content
  • Integrated with Surfer SEO
  • Can translate to 26 different languages.


Starter plan:

For 29 USD per month, you get-

  • 20,000 words
  • More than 50 short copywriting templates
  • 5 project folders
  • More than 25 supported language
  • Access to the user community, chat group, and endless user seats

Pro plan:

For 109 USD every month you get-

  • Unlimited words
  • Every facility of the starter plan
  • Workspace documents
  • Unlimited project folders
  • 1 seat

Note: For every additional user you have to pay 40 USD per month

Pro+Boss Mode plan:

For 119 USD per month, you get

  • Unlimited words
  • Jarvis command option
  • 1 seat

Note: For every additional user you have to pay 50 USD per month

Automatic Content Generator- Article Forge

Article Forge is a leading AI article writer. It has gained high popularity due to its ability to generate original content quickly. Additionally, Article Forge automatically creates all of the material for you after you plug in your focus keyword within a couple of minutes.

Article Forge, one of the best AI Article Writer
Image From Article Forge website

Recently, the AI writing tool went through an update. Now, version 3.0 has 8 deep learning models. They are designed to increase the quality of the content in terms of relevancy and accuracy.

Moreover, the AI writing tool generates SEO-friendly and authentic content. It also helps in scheduling and posting content in WordPress.

Article Forge Features

  • Generates SEO-friendly content.
  • Automated scheduling and posting features.
  • Research on any topic thoroughly
  • Can generate authentic, plagiarism-free content.


It has two premium plans with a free trial for 5 days. Alongside, Article Forge comes with a refund policy. If you produce less-than 10 articles in one month and find out that it fails to fulfill your requirement then you can ask for a refund.

Standard Plan:

The yearly package costs you 27 USD every month and the word limit is 250,000 words every month. The monthly package is 57 USD per month.

Unlimited Plan:

The yearly package costs you 57 USD per month and the monthly package costs 117 USD per month. Furthermore, there is no word limit in this plan.

Apart from the word limit the other features included are the same in both plans.

Best AI Article Writer- Writesonic

Writesonic was known as MagicFlow. Its integrated GPT-3 and own AI platform create audience-centric web content.

WriteSonic, one of the best AI Article Writer
Image From WriteSonic Website

The most powerful feature of this AI writing tool is that it creates full blog posts using AI- from meta description to conclusion. However, this is not just limited to blog articles. It can also produce landing page content, titles, and content of Ads, even hero copy as well.

Writesonic is more like your professional copywriter. It analyzes your input and pattern-matching and generates engagement. Hence the content remains audience-focused aligned with your brand’s tone.

Writesonic Features

  • Generates SEO-optimized content.
  • Can generate full blog articles.
  • The generated content resonates with your audience which helps you to produce leads in no time


Writesonic gives 10 free credits that you can use to check if it matches your requirement. The credits will help you to generate blog outlines, product descriptions, professional emails, etc.

The software has a 7-day money return policy as well. Besides, the coupon codes let you avail yourself of.


The monthly subscription of the Starter package costs 13.05 USD per month and the yearly subscription will cost 11.25 USD per month.

  • The package includes every basic and advanced feature.
  • The monthly credit limit is 75.


The monthly subscription of the Professional package is 44.55 USD per month and the yearly subscription costs 40.05 USD.

  • Basic features of unlimited credits
  • Advanced features for 150 credits


The monthly subscription of this plan costs 224.55 USD and the yearly subscription is 202.05 USD per month.

  • Basic features of unlimited credits
  • Advanced features for 1200 credits

Best Automatic Spinner- WordAI

WordAI rewrites the full sentences and paragraphs to generate authentic content. Moreover, it can generate content in Spanish, Italian, and French along with English. It picks words analyzing how the word interacts with the sentence.

WordAI one of the best AI Article Writer
Image From WordAI

WordAI is not a tool that will generate new content. It works to rewrite your article that will be original and will not share anything in common.

WordAI Features

  • Rewrites content in a very short time.
  • Understand words that have different meanings.
  • Can generate unique and relevant headings.
  • It can personalize your content while making it user-generated.


WordAi also has a 30-day money-back guarantee. You will get your money back after 30 days if you don’t find it useful. However, if you exceed more than 10 articles then you will not be able to avail of this offer.


The monthly package costs you 57 USD per month.


The yearly package costs 27 USD per month.

Both the monthly and yearly packages have the same features included. They are-

  • API access.
  • Human quality content.
  • AI-powered rewriter.
  • Bulk article writing.

Enterprise Custom:

The pricing of this plan is not given on their website. But the features under this package include:

  • High volume usage.
  • Multiple user accounts.
  • Customized rewrites.
  • Increased throughput.

Best Content Generator- Copy AI

Copy AI is a very popular AI article writer, one of the leading tools of its kind. Over the years Copy AI has gained quite the attention, and rightly so. Being a high-quality tool with a transparent approach of “building in public”, the AI article writer has received immense applaud from users.

One of the Best AI article writer, Copy AI.
Image From Copy AI website.

Alongside, they have also introduced a long document editor. This means users can create a complete document through short templates and the long document editor on the side.

Copy AI Features

  • Offers a simple and efficient process for all kinds of content creation.
  • Generates additional content similar to the output that you want.
  • Smooth UI interface and can be used with various templates.
  • Long Content editor integrated with short templates.
  • Generates AI text that can be translated into more than 25 languages.


Copy AI has a 7day free trial offer that brings you 100 runs free without requiring any credit card information.

Solo Plan:

For the solo plan, you have to pay 35USD per month( Anual Payment Process). It is best suited for solo customers and provides complete access to all Copy AI features for unlimited runs.

Custom Plan:

For your business needs, Copy AI offers customized plans for you to collaborate and work with your team members. This particular plan however depends on the number of users. Therefore, you find all the features of your Solo plan alongside the additional team integration facility.

AI Article Writer: The Replacement To Professional Content Creators?

There is no denying that AI has undertaken quite a few industries in its domain. Moreover, with AI becoming smarter and the focus of professionals worldwide, content creators are facing strict competition. However, are they competent to completely replace professional content creators?

In contrast to this prediction, AI article writers replacing human writers is not quite possible. At the very beginning, you will always need content creators to research and update the changing dimensions of SEO, and search engine analytics. You will also need writers to proofread content, adjust the AI article writer’s settings and input the relevant keywords for your content.

Apart from the technical obligations, AI article writers are far behind on one aspect: emotions. No matter how savage and well-equipped a robot is, it will never be able to replicate the complex emotions of human writers. Above all, readers will miss the connection to anything they read.

Hypothetically speaking, if AI article writers overtake content creators, they will virtually produce the same content under different banners. Content marketing will simply lose its essence without emotion, empathy, varied experiences, and creativity.


Now, we understand that content creation is the ultimate king of digital marketing. The sheer burden of managing high volumes of quality content is difficult to bear alone. And even though article writers can support your stance, they also require intricate assistance.

However, is there anything better than 24/7 dedicated, skilled professionals crafting your content exactly like you want it to be? If that's what you are looking for, head out to Rank Today. They offer completely customized, SEO-driven content that suits your organization’s profile. Once they take upon your responsibility, they will ensure your results. Don't believe this? Sign up today and get the best content marketing solution!

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