Why Blogging Matters: 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging

Jul, 22 | 00 min read
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The marketing world is dynamic, and without being on top of the trends, you can never do better than your competitors.


Blogging is a crucial part of marketing that has been consistent for many years. Although the strategies have changed, the importance of blogging has not faded away. It increased more than it was.

This article discusses the benefits of blogging and how you should get started with blogging.

So, let's dive in!


  • Blogging drives your website traffic in no time.
  • The more website traffic you get, the more leads are added to your database.
  • You can repurpose your blogs for social media.
  • Blog lets you share your ideas and views.
  • Good quality blogs help you to build authority in the market.
  • You can personify your company through blogs.
  • Blogging gives you the room to create warm relationships with your audience.

Benefits Of Blogging

Does blogging still matter in 2022? Yes. It does. You might think nobody has the patience to read such long articles, but you're mistaken.

Here are seven reasons for the importance of blogging:

Drives Website Traffic

There is hardly any marketer who does not want more website visitors. But did you ever take a minute to think about how people find your website?

Indeed, they can browse your website's name. But aren't they the ones you already have? They hardly help you to boost your traffic. What about reaching the ones who don't know your website's name?

Well, you can try buying an email list (which is illegal) and fill their inboxes with your promotional emails with the hope that some of them will click through your emails. This method might increase your traffic, but if any of your leads take legal action, be ready to face the consequences. Plus, email lists are expensive as well.

Another option is to introduce paid ads to your business strategy. Well, this is a legal and promising way to gain traffic. But as long as you have money. When you run out of money, you will also stop gaining traffic.

So what is an affordable and legal way to gain new traffic? Blogging, of course!


When you publish more content on your website, you give a chance to the search engines to show your pages in search results. Hence, optimizing your website and consistently delivering authentic, relevant, and quality content will drive your website traffic in no time.

More Content For Social Media

Blogging is an excellent way to boost your social media followers as well.

When you create a new blog, you give people to share your work on social platforms, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It gives your brand exposure slowly but consistently.

Social media

Besides, instead of creating new social media content every day, you can repurpose the blog and share them with links on your social media. It helps to let your audience know you have a new blog, share them with their circle, and boost your website traffic.

More Traffic Will Get You More Leads

As we have mentioned, every blog on your website is a chance to increase your brand's presence to a vast audience.

And every time your brand gets exposure to a new audience, it creates an opportunity for you to make new leads.

Adding a relevant CTA is everything to turn your audience into your lead. The CTAs can be in the form of PDFs, Fact Sheets, Webinar invitations, Demo calls, Trials, or anything that gives you a chance to access your audience's information and engage with them.

Let me break down this for you-

The audience visits your website→ audience notices your CTAs with a free offer→ audience clicks the CTAs, which directs them to a landing page with a form that asks for their contact information→ Audience fills out the form and gets their offer; you get their information in return.

Thus, you can gain new leads.

A Chance To Become The Industry Leader

Business blogging helps solve problems that a particular industry faces. For example, if you own an email automation tool, you will write about sales funnel, B2B and B2C marketing strategies, pitching marketing, and relevant content to your industry.

Well-written pieces are a good way to establish your market presence and turn you into an industry leader.

Just imagine the impact of your clients benefitting from your resourceful blogs and getting their job done much better than they expected. IT would surely build trust and promote your business without even you knowing.

Even before becoming your customers, when your prospects profit from your content, you build your authority in the market as a trustworthy brand.

Since your prospects find a solution to their problem via your blog posts, they are more likely to sign up with you. Besides, they better understand your product or service and your market value. It makes the conversion process an easy and productive one.

A resourceful blog section is ready with in-depth explanations of most of the salesperson's problems.

A repository of blog articles is available to salespeople who, when confronted with specific issues, are required to provide an in-depth explanation or a documented answer. These articles help move the sales process forward faster. They also present the salesperson as a valued resource to their prospect, which helps create trust in the relationship between the salesperson and their prospect.

A Great Source For Link Building

While ranking a site on SERP, backlinks are one of the essential factors Google algorithm considers.

It will be much simpler to acquire relevant links if you write articles beneficial to prospective clients and other businesses considered leaders in your industry.

When other websites link to your websites, it's like they're giving their stamp of approval or giving you a recommendation. Additionally, it sends a message to Google that you can be trusted and an authority in your field.

Backlinks help in the development of your domain authority, which, in turn, helps in the enhancement of your general discoverability in search engines.

Your Company Has Its Voice

Blogging enables you to not only provide information about your company and the services it offers, but it also makes room for you to share your perspective on many subjects. Blogging is an excellent method for giving your organization a personality, making it more credible and approachable, and increasing sales.

highlightingbusinessTherefore, make your blog section space for your interests, perspectives on current news and trends, and an in-depth explanation of the subject matter. Since you are creating blog posts for your audience, keep them in your mind all the time.

Another advantage that blogging offers to both large and small businesses is the opportunity to publish the latest corporate news and success stories.

Blogs can include articles and news that bring attention to your firm's current work.

A new employee in your company? Make a blog about it.

Have a brilliant case study portraying how you serve your customers efficiently? Make a blog about it.

Are you hosting a trade fair? Draw attention through your blog.

Executed a brilliant interview of industry experts? Share it on your blog.

These minor updates make your audience think you are more than just a company. You want to build a warm relationship with them, and that's why you are letting them know about the small details about you.

Bottom Lines

At this point, you should be crystal clear about why a blog matters. The more creative, relevant, and authentic content you have, the more chance you get to establish your brand authority. Blogging allows you to improve your SERP ranking, boost website traffic, and create a better relationship with your leads.

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