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10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

More often than so, talk about search engine optimization in the industry always portrays SEO marketing techniques producing tangible, prominent results that rack in viewership and potential clientele.

However, what about the margin of error that is behind each and every one of these marketing techniques?

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Mistakes are a part of any SEO marketer’s career and journey throughout their time scouring through updated algorithms, new keyword analysis techniques and many more. This can take years of experience in the field to accumulate, and even then- there any many more mistakes being made in SEO every single day.

As a result, we have compiled the most crucial SEO mistakes to avoid to save you time, energy and provide a stepping stone for you to discern between what works and what doesn’t, while carrying out effective search engine optimization.

Let’s get into it.


1. Lack of high quality content

Quality Content

Content is the basis in which your website will be built upon. It contains the body of your website, the information that you intend your consumers to read and build clientele over, as well as display your expertise in your field.

The audience that reads your content is the main target in this situation. The newest trends in search engine optimization are built on the foundations of securing a connection with your consumers to make them trust your brand.

However, the only way that you can achieve that is through your content.

The main goal is to produce authoritative content that is competent and of high-quality.

Content that is

  • Informative
  • In-depth
  • Explains your brand’s purpose
  • Precise
  • To-the-point


2. Using irrelevant keywords

Moving forward from content, keywords make up the foundation of your content. In search engine optimization, keywords are important as they are the stepping stones for you to plan your marketing strategies.

Keywords make translation from business to internet search results easier.

You have to choose relevant keywords that cater to the specific demographic that you wish to market your products and website towards.

Irrelevant keywords would include global and generic keywords, such as keywords that are too ‘general’ for consumers to pick up your exact niche or business’ brand as well as keywords that are too ambitious to pick up.  

For example, if your website is based in car washing services in Connecticut, your keywords cannot be ‘international car washing services’.

However, this is a double edged sword. You want to attract the right kind of consumers and not just any time of consumer that will not give you the profit margins that you prefer.

For example, if you intend to market paid services or a profitable service, adding ‘free’ to your keywords may lead to customers who launder or do not intend to pay for your service.

It is necessary to use specified keywords when you first intend to delve into search engine optimization. This is to ensure that consumers know exactly what you are offering, and you are setting a realistic market index to hit.


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3. Neglecting meta-descriptions

So, you’ve got an ambitious header tag set up in your website. You think that it’ll ensure that your website is indexed higher than other websites in your exact industry. All is well, until you realize…

You have not applied search engine optimization techniques to your meta-description!

For starters, search engine results pages (SERPs) do not rank websites based on their meta-description. However, consumers are more likely to click on a search result if they can roughly decipher what the website is.

The more that consumers understand your website’s initiative, the more likely they are to visit your website. That is the whole point of search engine optimization

You should be able to create meta-descriptions that are

  • Informative
  • Summarized
  • Interesting
  • Embedded with keywords

If you practice this search engine optimization trick carefully, your website can also be used to have a featured snippet at the beginning of a SERP.


4. Lack of mobile optimization

In this day and age, the means in which potential consumers access your website are not truly limited to the desktop or the PC. People would much rather utilize their smartphones and tablets to access the internet.

However, the functional structure of a website from a computer to a mobile device greatly differs. Moreover, each operating system (OS) has its own form of coding language it prefers- making websites not  functional in some devices, or display incorrectly.

It is very easy to neglect this tip in the midst of optimizing your website, but this is also an important mistake to rectify. Websites that you intend to perform SEO marketing on should be mobile-friendly.

Google has also recently announced a ‘mobile-first’ index, which will rank websites that are optimized for both mobile and desktop higher than websites that lack the ability to do so.  Do not lose on potentially hundreds of readers!

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5. Web-pages that do not load fast enough

In the guise of putting consumers and readers first in your search engine optimization goals, the speed in which your website loads is a very important aspect of SEO marketing.

Search engine providers regularly update and optimize the time in which their webpage results deliver, with Google at an average of 1 second per search query.

A faster web page will naturally lure more readers into coming back to that website. Not only does it provide consumers with convenience, it reflects that your business is

  • Competent
  • On-board with the industry
  • Dedicated
  • User-friendly
  • Ready to deliver results

With a greater impression on potential clientele, your website can be shared amongst a larger number of people, bringing in more viewership to your website.

If you intend to profit off of AdSense and advertorial revenue on your website, this factor is also highly important to consider.

You should invest in a web developer to help you improve your website’s loading speed, or check if there are any bugs within the site.


6. Plagiarism

Back to the whole concept of content in search engine optimization, plagiarism is also another factor that most SEO marketers tend to neglect.

If high ranking websites utilize certain keywords and content to mark up their index rankings, will replicating it necessarily make your website rank as high as theirs?


Your content should be original and straight-forward. Having duplicate content from other websites can lead to copyright claims that will completely obscure your index ranking on the SERP itself, or it will lead to most search engines’ spambots penalizing your work as simply spam.

If you are short on content, try to rack in keywords that are unique for web crawlers to pick up. The quantity of content does NOT guarantee high search engine result page rankings.


7. Keyword Stuffing

So, if I do not replicate other website’s content and I make substantial content on my website, will my website index ranking increase?

Once again, not necessarily.

Keyword stuffing is a technique that will put your search engine optimization strategy in the dark, as it constitutes as ‘dark hat’ SEO. Major search engines have put much effort to train their algorithms to detect dark hat search engine optimization techniques more so than other mistakes.

More so, Google has introduced a system called latent semantic indexing (LSI) to sift out related synonyms that can pop up while keyword stuffing.

Your website should consist of content that does embody your keywords, however, it should be able to present itself as a coherent body of information as the consumers and audience it relays to should come first-priority.


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8. Unholistic SEO Marketing

SEO marketing is not just an endless drivel of on-page techniques. Off-page SEO can also be used for marketing purposes, as well as other forms of media- such as social media, video-sharing websites, and even online bulletin boards.

A mistake that most businesses make when delving into search engine optimization marketing methods is to only focus on on-page marketing and neglect the other sources of marketing available of your website.

Once you have established a furnished ground through SERP indexing, you should branch out to universal search engine results besides text-based results as well as social media platforms.  You may be shocked at how trend can dictate the relevance of a keyword.


9. Neglecting web design strategies

A website is not always about the naked code that it consists of, or the content that it is made up of. Sometimes, web designs may propel your SEO marketing efforts.

Consumers are more likely to stay on websites with a clean, easy-to-understand interface that has elements of colour, and sometimes relevant advertorials.

Customizing your website to your brand’s initiatives may also be sufficient instead of using regular website templates. Almost all websites that rank high on SERPS have their own custom web design.

Being novel in this aspect can rank in viewership authority in which visitors are drawn to visit your site, and sustain long-term statistical readership.


10. Bad website hosting

The most overlooked factor about creating a website is the web hosting behind it. It seems simple to pay for hosting and then forget about it, but there is a reason why ‘optimization’ is key to search engine optimization.

You have to think about website traffic in the long run. If your server is unable to host more than a certain number of visitors, how will your website grow?

Without the viewership of your website growing, you are less likely to rank higher on search engine result pages.

You should strive to find a reliable, long term web hosting source that can compensate for your viewership goals in your marketing ideals.

Finding a way to get around these SEO pitfalls will definitely boost your site’s rankings in the long run.

Keep optimizing!




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