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Who is an SEO Checker Tool useful for?


Do you own a blog? If you’re an avid Blogger, with our SEO checker you can search for the perfect keyword, get analysis on how to optimize content and increase the number of followers you have.


Maybe you’re the Entrepreneur with an amazing new startup and want to reach out to as many people as you can. SEO Checker is the perfect solution for you to optimize your digital marketing content for the best influx of traffic and visibility.


If you’re a Freelancer, with SEO Checker’s reliable analysis of your work, you can grow your professional credibility, and take on new, exciting opportunities to deliver your best.
As you see, it doesn’t matter if you’ve just created a website, or if you head a company that’s been running content on a website for ages - SEO is for everyone and anyone having a website.


If you’re a Consultant, you can make use of our SEO Checker to effectively and efficiently manage your clients’ SEO performances.


Doctors and Medical professionals also use SEO to make sure that they’re the first choice of contact for any medical issues. If you’re a doctor yourself, use our SEO Checker to gain more patients and save more lives.

Corporate Companies

Corporate companies and e-commerce brands can also use SEO to improve their business websites.With our SEO checker, you can put your business ahead of competition. For instance, if two web sites are selling the same thing, the search engine optimized web site is more likely to have more customers and thereby, more sales.
Similar to Doctors, Lawyers too use SEO to make sure that their law firm is the most heard talk in town.
Ultimately, our SEO Checker will serve as the perfect tool for you to successfully grow your brand or business.

Understanding the power of An SEO Tool.

Freelancers, Digital Agencies, Small business owners, Social media Influencers…this SEO Checker is perfect for ANYONE wanting to improve their website!
Did you know many agencies spend an enormous amount of time performing manual Website Audits?
We all know that time is the most precious resource and we are here to help you use it the right way. By using our SEO Checker, you will save hundreds of hours - whilst taking away with you beautifully bespoke reports with concise and reliable information about your website. All in a matter of seconds!

But, what exactly is SEO?

Imagine you turn on your laptop and go to Google to go search for what ‘SEO’ means. Chance are you are most likely to select one of the first five link present in the results page- and this is the case with most people out there. It is seldom that people ever visit the second page or pages beyond for their searches. 

Now that you know this, it is only rational and pretty obvious to realize that websites on the first page of Google get a gold mine of leads. 

To think of hundreds of people visiting your website...sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

If you want to see just that happening, then you need to make your website Search-engine optimized (SEO).

Search engines have web crawlers that visit websites and examines its content to save relevant website information in its database to accordingly rank it.

To make sure the search engine ranks you well, you need to perfectly create your website content to contain prime keywords, include perfect formatting, make sure of high security, write a spot-on meta description...the list goes on!

Why choose our SEO Checker Tool?

Getting your website in the first page of search engine results is getting more and more difficult with the exponentially increasing amount of content being created everyday.
Our SEO Checker evaluates your website based on factors such as performance, page factors, social factors and backlink profile that search engines like Google use to determine the rank of each website.

By providing you in-depth analysis of social stats, keyword analysis and much more, you will be equipped with accurate SEO data needed to improve your website rankings. 

Keeping in mind the latest trends and best industry practises, we update our SEO tool whenever there is a change in Google’s ranking criteria or algorithm along with those of other major search engines like Yahoo! And Bing.

Not only do we show you your SEO score but we make it a priority to deliver accurate, useful and reliable SEO reports that you can use to improve your site’s ranking.

By using our SEO checker, you will also be making use of tools such Backlink Checker, Meta Tags and Robots.txt generator which will help you through the actual steps of improving your site whilst giving you a detailed analysis of your website SEO data, SEO technical performance, and your website score position with respect to your competitors.

Isn’t it impressive that you can get all of these valuable analytics in just one click?

How to use an SEO Checker or SEO Audit Tool?

By entering a website URL or domain name in the space provided and clicking on the “Get SEO Score” button, our tool starts running your request.
Within a matter of seconds, your website SEO Score and your website SEO reports will be listed to you.
With the recommendations for optimizing your website present in our SEO reports, you can:

Improve your website SEO Ranking positions by increasing the speed of the site and removing all broken links.

Get rid of your websites vulnerabilities so that you don’t fall victim to unfair competition

Know your weaknesses to focus on strengthening them so that your website ranks better in search engines.

And, ultimately increase the amount of people clicking your website link /traffic by properly filling the title, formatting description, alt tags, checking redirects etc.