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I have been using RankToday for over a year now and they have helped me increase my local seo rankings in the Arlington and DC area. It took a little longer then I expected but month over month I saw an increase in traffic and ranking. I am ranked on the first page now and business has increased 63%. I can’t recommend a better SEO Company.

Dr Lebo

"Our dental office here in Arlington has been working with Rank Today SEO for over 4 years now and we have seen amazing growth. We are extremely happy with our local seo as well as our website. Service is prompt and they explain everything in simple terms for us to understand what's actually going on and our rankings are better than ever. Highly recommended."

Chicago SEO Services Agency

Ever wondered what role does a Chicago SEO Agency helps you boost your online presence? This article helps you understand all the intricacies involved in digital marketing of your online businesses through the perspective of an SEO Agency in Chicago.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a series of activities carried out which boosts the growth of your website organically. SEO techniques are absolutely essential to differentiate you from your competitors and obtain maximum gains from your online business.

The following steps are carried out for making a stronger impact online:

Understanding your Needs, Market, and Target Audiences

The primary reason why one decides to have a strong online market is to boost their sales, increase the number of clients and effective strategies to retain them. A higher number of visitors may also aid in boosting your secondary revenue through ads.

If a client in Chicago is looking for website design services, your business should show upfront on search engines. If the exact services are available on your website, the client does not even feel the need to check for other websites. When you decide to use paid ads for your businesses, an SEO Agency helps you to identify your target audiences on social media using search preferences, age group, and hobbies.

Design Modifications

Chicago SEO Design

A variety of changes are made to your website using digital marketing techniques. SEO Agencies have a thorough understanding of the algorithms that Google uses for displaying search results. They use techniques like modifying your URL to match the search keywords, adding links and use of infographics.

SEO Agencies may also help you curate content which adds to attracting maximum client based on their search keywords. Changes are made to revamp the existing website by deleting content which is slowing down the loading time of your website.Once these changes are made, analytical tools are used to monitor the number of visitors, the client traffic, duration of peak traffic, articles gathering the maximum number of hits and similar statistics.

This data is then used to make continual changes to the content of your website. For example, if your website is a Chicago-based food blog and it is attracting maximum views for your article on “Local Restaurants”, your SEO Agency may help churn out content on similar lines to direct all the traffic to your website.


If your business comes up with new products or services which needs to be highlighted, suitable modifications can be done by your SEO Agency. These modifications help your clients to see what exactly needs to be shown at the spur of the moment. SEO Agencies also make use of other websites to highlight your articles and redirect clients to their web pages in return. These relations prove fruitful in the long run and creates a win-win situation for both the parties.

A Chicago SEO Agency also has to be aware of current trends and demands and immediately help develop content to cash-in on the high demand that appears sporadically. The effect of seasonality on consumer demands has to be addressed by your agency as well.

It is quite obvious that SEO Agencies work round the clock to help you become market leaders.

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Entrust us with SEO of your company in Chicago and reap the long-term benefits. We do not promise instant results (SEO doesn’t work that way), but we will for sure help you increase your organic reach slowly but surely.

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