Dental Facebook Post Ideas to Boost Your Practice

Being a dentist is tough.

You spend years honing your skills.

You acquire your license; the word 'doctor' is added in front of your name. You step out into the world with the dreams of a flourishing practice. Success is yours for the taking.

Except it isn’t. Sometimes it's very slow.

The world out there remains exactly as competitive as it was before you decided to get your degree, if not more.

So when you set out for your practice, you realize that there is actually one skill that is probably as important to your business as your skills as a dentist, which is Marketing.

But how do you go about it?

Certainly, after investing so much on your degree, you don’t want to go about spending a fortune just to feel like an idiot if it doesn’t work out.

Fortunately, it might not come to that. Not when you have the power of the internet right with you.

In the age of digital marketing Facebook might be the cheapest and the most effective tool to promote your business.

You’ll just need some good dental Facebook post ideas to grab the attention of your target audience/ customers/patients.

dental facebook post ideas
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Here are some dental Facebook post ideas that might help you take off.

Invoke positivity among people visiting your page

Plan some things that people who are visiting you would enjoy. These could range from lending some useful gears such as headphones, or having beverages for people waiting in line; anything that would make people believe they will enjoy visiting you. You could also venture in to social activities such as hosting charity events, participating in community drives to help promote positive vibes.

Tell your story

When looking for great dental Facebook post ideas, it is often best to share your own story with people. Tell them about your journey. All around the world people long for a personal connection. When you tell your own story, people connect with you. When they connect with you they start trusting you. When they start trusting you, you become their go to guy.

Let people know what you stand for

Sharing your core values with people might sound cheesy, but you’d be surprised to know how often it works. Reassuring authenticity is one of the important parts of promoting a brand. You see the big companies do it all the time. So, maybe it’s time for you too.

Set yourself apart

This is probably the most obvious component of marketing. You need to stand out among the countless others that have taken the same path as you. Now this doesn’t mean that you do something drastic, which would obviously be counterproductive. Instead, you could think out some business tactics that might interest your customers such as having discounts for the first 5 patients on a Friday evening. You know, just something to grab people’s attention.

Tell people something about your team

Obviously when you are running a practice, you have co-workers, a team rather, a group of people dedicated to help you in running your business. So it might not be a bad idea to tell your audience/patients on Facebook about how grateful you are for the people working for you. It achieves two purposes, it helps your team feel valued while working for you and also it helps your patients connect to you more on a personal level.

Catch ‘em young

As a doctor you could always visit an elementary schools to spread awareness about oral or dental health among students. Kids always relish at the opportunity to get out of their monotonous routines. Interacting with kids could also be fun for you and your team too. Also any activity involving kids always trends online, so it will further boost your virtual presence.

Get people interested in your job

Post about conferences you are about to attend, or have attended. Tell people about how you learnt various other things while you were out there. Get them excited, even if they don’t understand what it is.

Share information among fellow dentists

One way to attract more people to you online is not only targeting potential patients but rather to have other doctors interested in you as well. You could always post stuff about scholarships, higher study opportunities, best places to study the craft, etc. etc. When young aspiring dentists find useful information from you it will help establish you as some kind of an authority. Needless to say, being an authority sets you apart from the crowd, boosting your business.

Celebrate special days

Having special days such as dental health day or patient appreciation day helps in promotion. Posting pictures about the day’s celebrations among your team with blog posts teaching others about its importance promote your brand further.

Share testimonials

One of the coolest features of Facebook is it allows your patients to review you on your page. So when your patients say something nice about you, don’t be shy to show it off. It further gives you an opportunity to thank the patient who had kind words to spare for you.

Share some tips with your followers

You could always post some health tips for your Facebook followers, something that they might find useful. For example-floss your teeth daily, limit sugary food items or get a full dental check up every six months, use a fluoridised toothpaste, etc. etc. It helps people get to know useful teeth hygiene tips they might not know and also encourages them to visit your page on a daily basis.

Boost Your Business with these Dental Facebook Post Ideas

So, these were few dental Facebook post ideas to promote your brand as a dentist. Of course the most important skill for your business to grow still remains your skills as a dentist. But in the 21st century often, one skill isn’t enough for most people.

Without a vital complimentary skill such as marketing most people don’t get the opportunity to show off their primary skill which they spent years on. So, get the ‘Facebook’ ball rolling to grow your business exponentially.

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