10 Best Email List Cleaning Services to Verify Emails in 2023 [Updated]

If you’re in the business of email marketing, you already know that maintaining a clean list is absolutely crucial if you want to get good results. Clean lists mean a lot of things: maximum deliverability, the lowest possible amount of bounces, fewer spam complaints, better IP reputation and more.

Though a crucial task, email list cleaning is not easy. The good thing, however, is that you don't have to do it. In today’s world, you can simply relegate the task to professionals who know what they are doing.

Editor’s Pick for Top 10 Email List Cleaners

This table is enough of a resource for the top 5. But here at RankToday, we want to give you a comprehensive breakdown. Compare more than just five of the best email list cleaning companies so that you can pick the one that suits your needs the best.

So, we did some research and spent a lot of time on email list cleaning company websites. Now, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 email list cleaning companies. Feel free to go through the list and pick the one that you like.

1) VerifyBee

Recently, we at RankToday were given a behind the scenes look and an opportunity to test out a new email list cleaning service that is not yet out to the public(Update: it is now open at a discounted rate!). A service that can potentially become your go-to when you need to verify emails, this one was formally named EmailVerify but is no known as verifybee.

Going by our experience testing out EmailVerify’s email verification methods, we can assuredly say that once it is out to the public, the service will easily go head to head with the other titans in the industry, even the companies that are in the top of this very list.

Even though it is still in its development stages, EmailVerify’s cleaning process left us with a list that was nearly 99% accurate, on several test instances. RankToday has a lot of experience with multiple digital marketing services and we have tested many email list cleaning services, even excluding the ten that we tested thoroughly for this very list. We know what we’re saying and EmailVerify has the potential to be amongst the best in the industry. So if you are looking to ensure your emails bounceless take a look at what these guys are doing.

Keep an eye out for VerifyBee!

2) MailGet

MailGet List Cleaning is a email list cleaner that is a perfect fit for any kind of business or firm. They have a easy list validation function where you can upload emails in bulk and get your list cleaned with one button. It’s a perfect fit for start-ups who are looking for cheap options, however, with their cheap prices.

List Cleaning Service

MailGet email list cleaning tool has a wide variety of important features that it uses for list cleaning purposes. One of the advantages MailGet has over others is that some of the functions it provides are only available in a few other services.

MailGet separates it’s cleaning into three segments. A spam list, a suspended list and a bounce list. This makes understanding the issues with your mailing list in a glance incredibly easy. MailGet’s cleaning process is also very efficient, in our experience with it.

Further, it uses industry standard techniques like MX validator, domain validator, DEA checker, etc and more to make sure that your list is as clean as it can be. With an in-built duplicate remover and good functionality for it’s relatively low cheap prices, MailGet is a clear choice for people looking for a cheap email list cleaner.


Taking into account different customer needs, MailGet has 12 different pricing plans. All of them are much cheaper compared to their competitors. Their cheapest service offers 1,000 emails cleaned for $4 and for 100,000 emails, you will need to pay $159.

They are not the absolute best in the industry. However, for their low prices, their services are absolutely top-notch. MailGet can be relied on to provide good results.

3) ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is one of the more established email validation services. They are dedicated to to email bounce detection, email abuse, spam trap detection, email data append and advanced securities. They are dependable enough that many Fortune 500 companies choose to use ZeroBounce's services for the newsletter campaigns.

List Cleaning Services

Having won awards for Internet Excellence, we can easily say that Zero Bounce knows what they are doing with their list cleaning services. They provide a number of services and ensure a deliverability rate of 98% or higher.

With advanced technology in place to detect Catch-All Domains, Abuse Accounts, Spam Traps, Do Not Mail Accounts, Disposable Emails, Toxic Domains and more – including potential unknown threats to your email lists – ZeroBounce provides some of the best email list cleaning services amongst all of its competitors.

Additionally, ZeroBounce is also able to provide its customers with data and IP appending features. This results in higher quality data and more effective segmentation capabilities. Data Appending appends basic information like first name, last name, gender, location and more and IP Appending appends information about the IP address, like the country, state/region, city, and zip code of IP registration. Combining both of these allows ZeroBounce clients to get the best results, both in terms of cleaning and future marketing.

They also use one of the best content delivery network systems in the world, backed by Cloudflare. This means that clients can rest assured with an Advanced DDOS and Advanced Firewall protection that provides another wall of defense attack online attacks and data breaches. ZeroBounce also uses military-grade encryption and they never store customer data, for added protection.


ZeroBounce is an established company and they provide top-notch service, and as such, their prices reflect this. With ZeroBounce, you’ll spend $400 for 100,000 emails. They also offer multiple plans if you want constant service. One of the highlights for ZeroBounce is that they also have a Freemium plan.

4) Pabbly

Pabbly is another one of the better known email list validation companies in an industry that is saturated with many email list cleaning companies. Pabbly provides a convenient platform to perform bulk email verification and validation on any opt-in list with incredible ease.

List Cleaning Services

Pabbly’s list cleaning services helps you separate the cream of the crop of your email list cleaning. By easily separating the low-quality email addresses and the high-value contacts, Pabbly makes email prioritization incredible easy. With a list cleaned by Pabbly, you can figure out which of the addresses in your list will provide you with a better result and target them.

In addition, Pabby’s assurance to getting your emails sent to real people means that you get higher deliverability. Which translates to more emails opened. Which goes on to become increased revenue at the end of the month.

Pabbly list cleaning detects and marks email addresses as deliverable, undeliverable, risky or unknown. It verifies all the email addresses by running them through techniques like SMTP verification, email address syntax checker, MX record checker, and DEA detection process. What you get in the end will be a pretty well cleaned list that will serve your needs very well.


Pabbly’s prices also hit a fair balance between affordability and efficiency. Their services will set you back anywhere from $5 for 1,000 emails cleaned and $2999 for 10,000,000 emails cleaned. For 100,000 emails, like mentioned in the table at the top, they will charge you a moderate sum of $165.

As an added bonus, if, after Pabbly cleans your list, your hard bounce rate is still higher than 4%, they guarantee your money back.

5) MailboxValidator

MailboxValidator is one of the more popular email validation services. They improve on the tried and tested validation formula by using proprietary tech to reduce bad email reputation due to undelivered or bounced emails.

List Cleaning Services

With a fully automated system that generate comprehensive reports of domains, good-bad emails, etc after each list cleaning, MailboxValidator provides a fairly reliable service that you can depend on. They claim to provide a service that is 96% accurate.

The service is certainly thorough. It checks each email address to make sure the username is registered in the domain given. The platform also comes with built-in fraud protection. This ensures that none of the addresses in your mailing list are from temporary accounts or linked to possible trolls.

MailboxValidator provides a comprehensive list of services. They include but are not limited to: Email Syntax Checker, MX Record Checker, MX Server Connection Checker, Email Greylisting Checker, Free Email Provider Checker, Disposable Email Provider Checker, Suppressed Email Checker, Role Email Checker, and Duplicate Email Remover.


MailboxValidator charges you $19.95 to clean 1,000 email addresses and that is their cheapest bulk-plan. Their most expensive is for 1,000,000 emails and that will set you back $699.95. The rest of the plans range in between these two extremes. Their most popular plan is for 100,000 at the reasonable price of $199.95.

They also have a subscription-based, API plan that ranges from $29.95 to $339.95 that cleans between 3,000 to 375,000 queries per month. They also have two free monthly plans (one of them invite-only) without API.

6) XVerify

XVerify offers what is perhaps the most accurate email verification solution in the entirety of the email list cleaning marketplace. They boast a constant 98% accuracy over all email service providers. For over 7 years, it has built itself a strong reputation in the industry. They also have two office locations in the United States.

List Cleaning Services

While it is based in the US, XVerify’s service is global. It can validate all email addresses from around the world and can perform both B2C and B2B email verification. Their email verification runs each unique email address against a database to make sure the username is actually registered at the domain so that you can be assured that the email is 100% real.

Their proprietary Javascript program is also mobile-ready so that you can be assured accuracy no matter the device. You won’t fall prey to smartphone autocorrect mistakes and the everpresent “fat fingers” issue. XVerify allows you to verify on the fly with ease.

XVerify also has its own built-in auto-correction program. The program detects and notifies users when they spell a domain name incorrectly so that human-error is reduced, as well.

Additionally, one of XVerify’s biggest strengths is their security. With their latest Send Shield Technology, what they have is pretty much a one-stop solution for digital marketers looking to improve the quality of their data and reduce fraud. The company’s built-in fraud protection ensures that the email addresses in your mailing list are not temporary accounts or involved with any online fraudsters.

Finally, they boast that you can call and expect to be connected to an email consultant. Any time, any day in the United States, you will reach someone who can help you. This is a service unlike other email verification companies.


XVerify charges you $10 for 1,000 emails and $400 for 100,000 emails. It’s a relatively affordable prices that fits the services they provide, however, they are clearly not amongst the cheapest in the industry. The cost per email, like nearly every other company, reduces as the number of emails increases and if you’re verifying and cleaning over 2.5 million email addresses, you’ll only be spending $0.001 per email.

7) InkThemes Verification

InkThemes is a company that was originally a WordPress theme provider, providing excellent themes for any type of website. They’ve recently diversified into providing email verification services and they are… pretty good.

List Cleaning Services

InkThemes’ Email List Verification service provides you with a wide range of features that are all standard in the email list cleaning industry. However, the first of the two reasons that it’s featured on this list is because it’s one of the most feature-rich email list cleaners in the industry.

With all of its various features, the service is pretty thorough in sorting out the list of all the bad emails to ensure both authenticity and security. InkThemes assures a 98% accuracy and one of the best support staff in the industry, as well.


The second reason that InkThemes is included in this list is the fact that they provide their rather excellent services for a reasonable price. On the low end, you have 1,000 emails cleaned for $4 and on the upper end, you have 100,000 emails cleaned for the low price of $159 – a price comparable with MailGet for a service that is perhaps more feature-packed.

8) Email Checker

Email Checker is one of the market leaders. The company has been around for a long time providing email verification services with pinpoint accuracy and a very impressive deliverability rate of 97%.

List Cleaning Services

Email Checker offers both bulk list cleaning and real-time verification services with the standard industry checks like: domain, mailbox, syntax and format checks. The service also has integration for Python, Java, PHP and C# and fast processing of B2B lists of up to one million emails per day and incredible API response time.

One of the functionalities that Email Checker should be commended for is it’s intuitive drag-and-drop dashboard. Incredibly user-friendly, this functionality allows you to clean your email lists with incredible easy. The service is also backed up by a dependable support team that has years of experience.

Email Checker also has a fairly robust multi-layered API approach that is fast, efficient and accurate. The API is supported by an email verification data centre that boasts some of the email cleaning industry’s best performing levels of latency and redundancy. This is all in addition to a sturdy security system that will ensure that your data is safe.


Like it’s competitors, Email Checker offers its services in neat packages that suit every budget. Email Checker provides a free trial of up to 100 verifications. For paid plans, there are both one-time options and monthly ones.

The paid one-time packages are priced from $14 for 1,000 emails to $2,499 for 2,500,000 emails. The mid-level one-time option will cost you $299 for 100,000 emails. The monthly ones on the other hand start for as little as $10 a month for 1,000 emails per month. They go up to $1,899 for 2,500,000 emails. The mid-level monthly option will set you back $249 and will get you 100,000 email verifications in return.

9) QuickEmailVerification

Providing email verification for over 70,000 companies from startups to Fortune 500s, QuickEmailVerification provides tools for you to validate and verify your email addresses before you send your marketing content to them.

List Cleaning Services

QuickEmailVerification is a real-time email verification service that is fast, accurate and reliable. It provides a relatively easy method for you to maintain your list’s hygiene and improves the results of your email marketing.

The company boasts 99% customer satisfaction with their thorough email list cleaning services. QuickEmailVerification allows you to investigate all the email addresses in your list and distinguishes them into three distinct categories: valid, invalid and unknown email addresses. It also checks all the email addresses for possible bad domains, throwaway email addresses, role accounts and spamtraps, and then categorizes them as needed so that you can do with them what you need.

Further, once the verification process is complete, QuickEmailVerification allows you to take the necessary action with just a few clicks, whether you want to download reports to analyse your list further or just immediately unsubscribe.


QuickEmailVerification falls on the “relatively affordable” side of pricing. It’s cheapest service is for $4 and that will let you clean an email list of 500 unique addresses. On the extreme end, you can clean 5,000,000 for $3,500. For a middle of the road service of 100,000 emails, you’ll be paying $320.

10) BriteVerify

BriteVerify is an online email list validator that puts “real emails” at the top of it’s priorities and it is designed to go through your list and scour away all fake emails, leaving you with a clean list made of just real emails.

List Cleaning Services

BriteVerify has a proprietary Real Time API that can be integrated to any place where you need to collect customer data. Whether it’s a web form, landing page, mobile device or a point-of-sale system, BriteVerify’s API ensures that the email address that actually exists, in real-time, without ever sending a single message.

The online email list validator software offers you a method to verify email addresses, both in bulk and in real time, using REST API. You can sift through thousands of email addresses simultaneously and sort out invalid and non-working email addresses with incredible ease. You’ll even get a detailed report on it at the end.

BriteVerify’s list cleanup process starts by checking the email address syntax, and then MX record checking, role address detection, DEA detection and ends with a mailbox existence check. To help improve deliverability rates, it provides additional reports such as Safe to Send email list comprised of emails that are 100% safe.


BriteVerify’s pricing falls within the standard, mid-range for email list cleaning. For a 1,000 emails, they charge $10. This $0.01 per email pricing persists up to 250,000 emails. You can get 1,000,000 emails cleaned for $5,000 at the upper end of things, and the price per email, like with all other services, decreases as the total number of emails increases.

A New Contender Appears: EmailVerify Verification

Recently, we at RankToday were given a behind the scenes look and an opportunity to test out a new email list cleaning service that is not yet out to the public. A service that can potentially become your go-to when you need to verify emails, this one named EmailVerify.

Going by our experience testing out EmailVerify’s email verification methods, we can assuredly say that once it is out to the public, the service will easily go head to head with the other titans in the industry, even the companies that in the top of this very list.

Even though it is still in its development stages, EmailVerify’s cleaning process left us with a list that was nearly 99% accurate, on several test instances. RankToday has a lot of experience with multiple digital marketing services and we have tested many email list cleaning services, even excluding the ten that we tested thoroughly for this very list. We know what we’re saying and EmailVerify has the potential to be amongst the best in the industry.

Keep an eye out for it: EmailVerify.

Your Mailing List, Your Mailing List Cleaner

At the end of the day, the best email list cleaner is the one that most suits your needs. We’ve compiled this list for you so that you can get some form of idea about these ten email list cleaning services. Once you’ve gone through them, you have to choose the one will serve your company and your brand.

You also have to remember that there are more email list cleaners than the ten listed here. In the opinions of RankToday’s digital marketing experts, the ones listed here are amongst the best available in the market today. But they may not suit you and you may be looking for something else.

RankToday suggests that you at least do some more research on the companies listed here. Especially Bounceless, Pabbly, ZeroBounce and MailGet. Perhaps even InkThemes Verification.

If you need any help choosing or need SEO or other digital marketing services, don’t hesitate to contact RankToday. We can help you with nearly everything digital marketing related and help you achieve the results you need.

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