Free Modern Fonts [BEST 60] to Boost Your Designs

Graphics, pictures, and fonts are keys of an eye-catching presentation, article or your WordPress sites. Using Modern fonts is an easy way to bring a creative appeal to your designs. From sleek capitals to bold and cursive scripts, the sheer variety of free modern fonts available cater to every demand. These can make your headlines shout for attention and even improve user experience, which can drastically boost your SEO.

Therefore, to make it little easier for you and to give an option to choose from, we have shortlisted top 60 Modern Fonts that will surely help you. These fonts are easily available online and we have also shortlisted a few websites that allow you to download them for free.

60 Modern Fonts To Help Make Your

Besides graphics, sleek and classy fonts are the key to make an article look eye-catching. Therefore, we made the following list to uplift the burden from your shoulders and save you some time.

Vanity Font

1) Vanity:

Ever wondered why all those glamour magazines look so imposing? Apart from the breathtaking pictures, the script follows a certain pattern written in Vanity font that makes it all together a must pick.

2) Helvetica Neue:

With 51 font weights, Helvetica Neue is one of the top listed Modern Fonts that was designed by Eduard Hoffmann and Max Miedinger.

Lombok Font

3) Lombok:

Lombok is one of those modern fonts that do not involve curves and projections at the end of a letter, rather, it is angular and is designed based on geometric forms and lines.

Komoda font

4) Komoda:

Simple and modern. These are the words that describe this font the best. Enclosed in a rectangular box, the slime alphabets makeup for a perfect headline.

trend font

5) Trend:

As the name suggests, this font is the trendiest of all Modern Font. It offers plenty of layering features to your designs.

achi font

6) Achi:

Great for giving your script some contemporary and casual outlook, go for Achi font. With double outlines and strokes, this font makes your work charismatic.

minimalust font examples

7) Minimalust:

This modern font excels in giving your text the handwritten vintage style.

8) Fontaine:

Another vintage giving look to the words is Fontaine font. This modern-day font is clear and easy to read. Perfect for detective and horror stories.

9) Fredoka:

Suiting the demands of websites and apps, Fredoka gives your words more rounded and geometric look.

moon font

10) Moon:

Keeping true to the name, this modern font gives the design more rounded and soft edges. It is easy going and fun to try.

11) Headache:

Available in two versions that can be combined to give a number of variations, Headache is twisted and ensures the attention of the onlooker.

12) Ollie:

Totally curvy, Ollie is a classy design, available in over 900 glyphs.

13) Alpine Script:

Giving the typed text, handwritten calligraphy appearance. Available in 29 different patterns, Alpine Script is beautiful and modern.

14) Moka:

Originally designed for some coffee logo, Moka is now available to download and use to design scripts and texts for other logos.

15) Unik 2:

This font is apt for giving a unique look of both contemporary and retro to your page. With softly rounded edges, Unik 2 is a good choice for grabbing attention.

16) QG:

This modern makes the text look appearing and disappearing with abstract outlines and curved.

17) Disclaimer:

Disclaimer is designed to give the text long height and constricted and sleek width. Suitable for captions.

18) Celestia:

Great for designing posters for concerts and events. It is modern and futuristic and gives an easy look to the designs.

19) Forma:

Very unique with soft and geometric cutouts. Exceptional designs available in the font make it worth using.

20) Kohma:

It is a font that knows to be elegant and fun at the same time. It's a must try for posters and banners.

21) Bonbon:

Stylish and cursive, Bonbon allow the users to navigate different ornaments and pictographs to give that extra highlight to their presentations.

22) Nexa:

Nexa is the most flexible modern fonts that mould with your designs and make them awestruck.

23) Leoscar:

Very light and elegant, Leoscar is available in both serif and sans serif variation.

amsterdam superstar font

23) Amsterdam superstar:

Totally futuristic, Amsterdam Superstar gives the text squarish look with equal height and width.

24) Canter:

Canter typeface is bold and thin. Goes well for posters and titles.

25) Peace and Sans:

The letters in this font are thick and clear. The bold graphics demand attention.

26) Heading:

Heading is the most versatile modern font. This font family is available up to 9 weights and 8 widths.

27) Body:

Available in great widths and flattened letters, Body is a must try for posters and magazine covers.

28) Aquatico:

Aquatico hold box of surprises with round, geometric shapes. There are unique variations available in this font.

29) Lieben:

Really attractive with various kinds of pop outs, dots, line graphics. The letters in the font speak for themselves.

liquido font

30) Liquido:

Looks like an animation with the designs at the center of each letter. Liquido is super stylish and is also available with regular designs.

31) Elppa:

Based on geometric rectangular and square, Elppa looks airy and fresh.

32) Quantum:

Totally appropriate for technology-related logos, Quantum is available in uppercase with a diagonal line crossing the center of each letter.

33) Ministry:

Condensed and long letters that cater to the demands of social media Ministry has unique angles at the letters’ terminals.

34) Ykar

Ykar manages to develop an immediate liking. Available in upper and lower cases, this font works great for sci-fi movie graphics.

Blanka font

35) Blanka font:

It is like an abstract art form that attracts you with its minimal designs and seems to disappear. It is futuristic and unique.

36) Matey:

It is more retro and less contemporary, but is worth a shot for making your headlines and titles look bold and clear.

37) Higher:

Students trying to score more on their projects can use this font to grab the teacher’s appreciation.

38) Koliko:

Give your heading a clean and descriptive look with Koliko modern font. It is designed with Latin and Cyrillic characters.

39) Modeka:

This font creates corners with round edges giving the whole text a soft and decent appearance.

one day font

40) One day:

It is one of those fonts that create an appeal even with the broken lines and rounded corners. Excellent visual appearance.

41) Brandon Grotesque:

To give your text the professional look, go for Brandon Grotesque. These topographical designs express warmth as well as clarity.

42) Aroma:

These are light calligraphics that give a retro and authentic look to the designs.

43) Hyped:

Combination of Art deco and Memphis, characters of Hyped are bold and utilize negative space.

44) Arenq:

Letters are presented in double lines giving the futuristic look to the whole design.

It also allows the user to fade or add more gradient to the visual.

45) Calibre:

This font showcase letters in super condensed forms. It is interesting to use and is the perfect choice for creative heads.

gilroy font

46) Gilroy:

Gilroy is modern and elegant. Look no further, if you have already chosen to use this one. It is a definite show stopper.

47) Kontanter:

Fonts like Kontanter, go a step beyond to give a high edge to the designs. With lines crossing diagonally in varied geometric forms, this font breathes in future.

48) Arkhip:

Arkhip creates beauty by supporting fonts in roman letters. It is one of those fonts that are available for both English and Roman texts.

49) Perfograma:

It gives the appearance of punched out letters. To give your work a mechanical handmade look, look for Perfograma.

50) Nagasaki:

Recreating the impact of a nuclear strike, Nagasaki presents sleek yet bold fonts.

51) Reckoner:

Reckoning the old industrial sans serif, Alex Dale created Reckoner with a pinch of modernity to the fundamental design.

52) Orkney:

Clean and neat. The sleek letters are worth try for creating websites and business logos.

53) Anurati:

Using Anurati with spectacular backgrounds will create a mind-boggling effect. The letters in this font use blank spaces and thus give unique visuals.

sonder font

54) Sonder:

Available in regular and rough styles, with both sans serif and slab serif, Sonder suit the needs of campaign posters and meaningful headings.

55) Rodus:

Available in four forms that use round and geometric forms, Rodus looks perfect for designing logos for video games and tech graphics.

56) Etna:

Satisfies various demands of various professions, Etna is a simple, bold and clear font.

57) Manifesto:

Inspired by Italian culture and movements, Manifesto is beautiful and unique.

58) Noir:

Too simple in its graphics and easy to read geometric figures. Noir is fit to give a modern outlook and at the same time sticking to the simplicity.

59) Codec:

If you wish to design something that reflects dual moods and exhibit variation, choose Codec. It is both familiar and different.

qontra font

60) Qontra:

Available in low contrast and condensed alphabets, Qontra goes best for headlines and subheadings of a text.

Places Where You Can Get Modern Fonts for free:

Understanding the basic need of the Modern Fonts, various sites allow free downloads.

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