Wix vs webs vs weebly : are free websites really free

In order to have a serious business that looks legit and established, you will need to have a proper website. We all know that the prices for a custom website can get pretty high. Many of the owners will try to find a cheaper way to build their website. They will usually go to Google and search for free website builders. The most common sites that offer these services are wix, webs and weebly. These sites are marketing themselves as free, but are they actually free? Can you make an amazing site with the potential to become your business's representative, to actually show how serious your business is? Are these sites, in fact, just a waste of your time and energy? Let's find out more about each of these sites and see what they actually offer to their users and potential customers.

Free website wix vs weebly vs webs
Wix vs Weebly vs Webs

Wix Review

The creation of a new Wix account takes approximately one minute. Moments after creating your new account, you need to make a choice from an industry list that will describe your business in the best way. This choice will help you when you choose templates for your free websites. The templates that you are presented don't look fancy or amazing, they look really basic and old. As you could have expected, all of the themes that look amazing aren't free. After choosing your desired theme, the chances that you won't like it completely are pretty high. You will have to settle with a theme that has the most positive factors, compared to the negative ones.

When you try to make your own website on Wix, it will be very hard if you are a beginner. Even if you are an advance user, it won't be easy, because some of the options aren't logical or intuitive. You will have a lot of problems when creating some basic stuff, and if you try to change the theme during your work, you will lose all of it. Don't get too frustrated and remember - Google is your best friend.

Weebly review

The good thing about this site is that it allows you to easily login, you just need to have a Facebook account. This isn't really a great option, since you are trying to make a free website for your business, and not a free personal website. When it comes to the layout and the process of selecting them, things are pretty clear and simple. The templates on the website are pretty big and simple to select and preview. You can also choose different colors for your free website with few simple scrolls, which is pretty handy.

The general feeling is pretty smooth, all of the features are easy to use and implement. The free templates that this site offers are pretty basic and not very interesting. After the initial setup is done, we are going to test if we can make a basic website that does well in search result engine rankings.

Exploring all of the websites' features, we can find an are for search engine optimization. The options for this feature are one description for your free website, and one are for your particular keywords. Each page can have their own set of keywords that you can choose yourself. The features for SEO that are integrated on Weebly are pretty basic, and you can't expect to have amazing results with them.

When you manage to complete your free website with Weebly, it won't look amazing or unique. It will be a functioning website, but without anything to stand out from the crowd. It will look pretty old and outdated, which is not unusual with free website builders.

Webs Review

The creation of your Webs account is pretty simple and straight forward. You will finish it in one minute. Webs is a business that was created by the company Vista Print. Vista Print is best known for creating business cards.

When you start your free website creation, the first thing you need to do is to choose from one of the templates. The templates aren't clearly visible and they are pretty small, you will have to choose each one you like, and then see how they really look. After you make the choice of your business's template, Webs asks you to give it your domain name. You are offered a sub domain that you can use for free. This is not a great options, and it can do more harm than good, when it comes to SEO of your free website. If you decide to use a regular domain name, you will need to pay.

The good thing about Webs is that they have a tutorial that helps you better understand the process of creating you free website. The bad things is that, as soon as you load any of the templates, they are completely empty. You can't see any ideas or example texts that you can use. You need to make the whole website from scratch. Their interface system is based on the "drag and drop" feature, which is pretty simple and intuitive to use. The problem occurs when you try to customize the placement of your content, which is very limited.

When you finish your free website on Webs, you will get the same result - the website looks old and not very pretty.

Flaws with all of the free website builders

After trying out all of these free website builders, we have come to certain conclusions.

  • When you make a free website, don't expect miracles or great results - it's still a free website.
  • "Free" website builders aren't really free if you want a good website that will function properly, you need to pay for the necessary upgrades.
  • Almost all of these websites will use your free website as their advertisement for marketing. The footer area of your website will contain a commercial for the website builder you used - this just looks cheap and unprofessional.
  • If you decide that their services are bad and that you no longer want them, you will lose everything you made.
  • Many of the free tools that these sites offer limit you in various ways. You won't be able to increase your traffic with SEO methods that are crucial for your website's growth and prosperity.
  • If you want to make more pages for your free website, you will need to pay. This might be common when it comes to the web designer world, but it's just illogical to pay for the content you need to create.
  • It's not uncommon for some of these sites to spam your customers. This can have a very negative effect on your business, and especially on your traffic and revenue.
  • Although you can use the themes and logos on their websites, you will still need to hire a proper graphic designer, if you don't want your free website to look ridiculous.

Final Thoughts

Let's look at the facts - all of these "free" website builders have an option to upgrade to premium. That option exists because the basic free website that they are offering to you is simply not good enough. You can invest enormous amounts of money into your "free" website, and you will lose everything if you are not satisfied with where it's going. This investment won't belong to you in any way - the investment that you paid for.

So, can you really make a website without investing a single dime? The answer is yes, you can. Will that website be professional and suit your business' needs? No, it won't. If you are looking for a free website, you won't get an amazing website that has great functionality and ranks high on Google search rankings page. You will get a simple website that looks basic and doesn't have much room for SEO improvement.

When to use a free website builder

When we have all of this information, should you ever decide to build a free website using one of the free website builders? Yes, you should use these website builders in some cases. If you are looking for a simple website that is also a free website - this is the perfect tool for you.

You might run some sort of a non-profit organisation, or you might be an artist that is just striving to be seen by as many people as he can. Free website builders are the perfect choice, if you are one of those people. These websites won't be SEO friendly, furthermore they will do pretty bad on search engine ranking pages. If you have no problem with that, you should give them a try.

In every other case, you will need a professional site that looks amazing. If you are looking for the perfect website for your business, you will need to invest in it. It won't be free or cheap, but it will have amazing results. In order to make your business' website look and feel professional, you need to hire a professional. Hiring the correct person to make your website isn't an easy choice, but it is the right one. This is a big step in becoming a recognizable business that people will trust, all over the world.

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