Get More Done at Work: 4 Tips For Managing Your To-Do List

Successfully managing your to-do list is like harnessing a unicorn: you've never seen it done before. Between never-ending emails, phone calls, customer service issues, your blog and social media marketing efforts, your list can bury you and your daylight hours. Don't freak out. A successfully managed day doesn't have to be made of myth. Jason Bourne that to-do list like a pro with these four tips, then give yourself a high-five and a cocktail. You deserve it.

  • Start an email detox. Who says you have to be at the beck and call of your inbox? Nobody. If you jump to your keyboard every time you hear the "ding!" of Outlook, put yourself on an email diet and only answer messages during designated times. This will help you stay focused on other tasks, and by setting aside blocks of time to answer everything that comes in, you'll actually feel like you got more done. And that will save your sanity.
  • Set a time limit for your social media marketing. Nurturing your community should be a top priority while you're in blog start-up mode (since it can lead to more sales in the long run), but it can yield epic levels of stress if you don't manage it. Try setting aside ten minutes every two to three hours to engage on Twitter, check Facebook for activity, and respond to any blog comments. I'm a huge fan of completing tasks in chunks of time instead of trying to stay on top of everything as it happens. Cause really, stacking rocks is easier than fishing in a river with your hands. That analogy right there? Yeah, I just made that up.

Get the rest of the tips and learn how to stay on top of your blog and time after the break.

get more done at work
  • Invest time in planning your content calendar. If you're just gettin' settled in on the Blog Train Express, you might not have a plan in place for how you're going to bring amazing content to the throngs of potential customers out there on the Interwebz waiting to find you. Here's the deal: you must plan your content ahead of time. Otherwise, you might decide that the Blog Train Express isn't taking you anywhere exciting and get off a stop or two before things start to get interesting. Blogging is an investment on your part that takes time and effort to cultivate, but once you increase your Internet real estate with a blog that brings valuable information to the masses, they will thank you with sales. And that means money, honey. I suggest planning blog themes, topics, and posts surrounding upcoming events and holidays at the top of every month, and revisiting your schedule every week to tweak with news stories and trends happening in your world.
  • Get up earlier. Just look at every successful female CEO, and you'll find that she gets up at the crack of dawn for an invigorating sweat session, to answer emails, or just to be creative and brainstorm new ideas for her company. Emulate them by getting up an hour or two earlier than you normally do. This is an excellent strategy if you have a day job and need more time to work on your side biz. If this sounds ridiculous, ease into things by setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier every week until you hit your target. I started getting up an hour and a half earlier to work on this blog and develop upcoming products and let me tell you, I go to bed feeling exquisitely and elegantly satisfied knowing that I'm working towards something real. Something that's mine. I am full-blown, hard core, crazy in love with 4:30 a.m. and what it has enabled me to do.

How do you keep your day in check? Share your tips in the comments!

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