How to Create The Best Email Newsletter Design for 2023

There isn't a formula for creating the best email newsletter design. There are some key aspects that will guide you to your unique goals in your marketing strategy.

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One of the key aspects of creating a newsletter design is your subject line.

You might find it weird that we put the subject line to be one of the key aspects, but here is why we did it:

Email newsletter design defined

You want to go to a store and buy a bag of chips. You look at the bag of chips, that looks really amazing, has your favorite flavors but the name of the chips is "Snail". Even though, ever one is loving this chips and every TV channel does a commercial on it, you just can't imagine your self eating chips that are called " Snail ". The meaning and imagery are just not right, we understand that. That is unless you are talking about a culture where snails are " divine ".

This exact thing goes for the subject line of your email. If the subject line is pointless or gives you the wrong feeling, your clients will avoid it. We now hope that you agree with us.

Email newsletter design, what is it exactly?

When you are creating an email newsletter design there are some key aspects. Those key aspects are:

  1. The subject line of the newsletter
  2. The sender name
  3. The buttons you put in
  4. The background of your newsletter design
  5. The layout of the newsletter

This is the list of key aspects that will have a big effect on the performance of your email.

The achievement of your email newsletter depends on the aspects that are unseen:

  1. You have to point out the branding
  2. You must successfully focus on the message
  3. That you show your brands loyalty
  4. That you build your brands built

Before we start, let us show you how your email should look like, or the anatomy of a perfect email.

A perfect email

When you have an email marketing campaign going on, you probably know that most of your success relies on the emails that you deliver to your clients. That means, how good is your email, that's the size of your results.

Because most people are unaware of how to write a basic email and sent it, regardless of the purpose. So that's why you should learn what a perfect email should look like. There are few key aspects to creating a perfect email, or the anatomy of a perfect email. We will show you a quick guide on how to create a perfect email that you want to send to your clients.

There are many options that could do this for you, some are free some have to be paid for, but why would you consider taking those options when you can learn to write down one your self. When you are writing an email, most parts depend on the information that the email is about. But ho ever, all emails have three key aspects! The first key aspect is the header. The second key aspect is the body. Finally, the third key aspect is the footer. This is just some basic information. If you wish to have a more detailed guide, Emailverify provides you with a free article that will help you learn the anatomy of a perfect email.

Now, let's get back on our main subject.

You should use these aspects to boost up your open rates

Everyone can use the same aspects to create a great newsletter design. So now all you have to do is get the best out of the aspects that everyone uses.

First: you should invest in your preview text and subject line

For example, you are sending an email newsletter that offers a one plus one plus one burger. You could put " Always in need for more " as your subject line, but you could also put " Will you eat both of those?".

It depends only on your targeted audience which of these two will get better results. If you want to find out which of the two will work out better, you should do A or B test.

Preview text

With a preview text, you increase your chances of making your subject like to do a good job. There is no need for you to add one every time, but we don't see the reason if you don't. It can only benefit you to add one.

Second: you should always choose your sender name

Maybe you haven't thought of this, but you can use various sender names, this depends on your email and your goal. For example, if you wish to arrange a Cart Abandonment email. It would be the most obvious choice to send it from the same sender name as you did on your "NEW IN" newsletter. By doing this, you can inform your clients about everything new that you have to offer.

Third: your timing is everything

Just so you know, there is no perfect timing or a perfect day that works for every company.

If there was, for example, it would probably be crowded with emails from every company.

Most people who sing up to every newsletter they see will always check their inbox about all of their email addresses. So they can always choose what they wish to read and what not to read. This is regardless of the day that it was sent to them.

Even if it's not a rule, but it is most important, the goal of email marketers is to make highly committed clients out of all subscribers. Here is how to achieve that.

You should always add a profit for every plan you have. The three best ways to do so is over your loyalty program. The other two are gratification and by setting up automatons. Automatons should reward those clients who have clicked on the link, a certain amount of times in a certain period.

If you reward your clients, not only are you keeping them hooked, you will also inspire them to share it. This means that the best way to market your self is by using the word of mouth strategy.

Five: Circumstance

You have to know that you will sometimes win, and other times you will lose.

Even if you put up an A or B test, to see which subject line is the best, it could still happen that things don't go as you planned.

There are unique opportunities during a year, that might help you in your newsletter's achievements. This is why you have to be quick enough, exciting enough and you have to build a good relationship with your clients.

Take Black Friday or Boxing Day in the UK, for example, there are billions of emails that are sent out to clients. On these days you will compete with every company in your industry if you wish to get your targeted audience's attention.

In these cases, you have two things that you can do:

  1. Set up your campaign to resend automatically to those clients that didn't open the email that you sent them in the first hour.
  2. You look at all of the clients who signed up for your newsletter, but this time you send them an appropriate "welcome email".

Six: You, as an authority of the topic

In order for your newsletter to work, you have to be an authority on the given topic.

You have to authorize your authority on the topic that you are writing about, you have to keep this in mind.

Otherwise, your subject line just won't work and in the end, being a waste of time.

Seven: You have to stay consistent

We know you want to stay in front of your competitors. The first thing you have to do is, to be sure that you found out everything about trends. Or even better, you look for trends.

Here are some of the best ways to do so:

1. The first thing you have to do is find topics that you are interested in. After that, you set up Google Alerts for those topics. You should arrange these three as alerts: marketing automation, email marketing, email marketing trends, these are just examples.

2. Whenever you see an attractive topic, for example, " targeted marketing ", you could always write down a quick article about it. If that vibrates with your clients, you could update it and develop it along the way.

We took " targeted marketing " as an example, but have you actually heard of it? Well if you haven't, then lucky for you, Emailverify offers you a great article and it's completely free. In their article, you can learn everything you need to know about " targeted marketing " and how to use targeted marketing in 2019.

If you have your click-through rate stuck, use some of these tips to help you out

First: use visual hierarchy in your design

The main thing that you want to achieve is to handle your openers' gaze to where you want them. If you want to do that, you have to create some kind of visual hierarchy. Here is how you can do that.

Attach various weights by increasing and making space around your headers. By doing this, you will be able to get attention to the components that you are interested in the most.

Decorate your title

Chose fonts that have good reads, you should also use various combinations of colors and formatting.

newsletter design

You should use vectors, GIFs and images.

When you are adding images, vectors and GIFs, you should add to your email newsletter design something that adjusts with your company's brand.

If you want to succeed at this, you should pick everything that is based around your taste and newsletter goals, then just cover the matching filters. Here are some quick tips. You should always put an A or B test on your colors. Don't use images that are blurred and don't go too far with text, logo, icons or filters.

Second: usual format vs new format

This mostly depends on what your brand stands for and from your brand's personality. You could mirror that by using a regular layout or by breaking the shape every few newsletters.

It would be better if you choose to go for the latter, this way you can pick up more information on what your clients prefer more.

Third: Choose your layout

If you want to get more attention to an aspect that you designed, you could clutter it a little bit or you could make some white space around it. This depends on the appearance of your brand on the spectacular-minimal continuity. You would probably want to use a blank layout with vast padding and margins. The other choice is to go for a background pattern that is more matching with your visuals. Respecting the overview of your email newsletter design, think about the adjustment of areas that are well defined, so you could achieve a balanced presentation.

Fourth: Mobile receptivity isn't an option

If you want to make sure that your email newsletter design has no flaws across devices, you should check how the receptivity of your design looks.

Seven newsletter design tips to increase your sales

First: you should add a countdown timer

Can your email newsletter design make you money? The answer is yes and here's how.

You can do it by creating a feeling of importance using a tool called: countdown timer. Your clients will become customers before the clock strikes 10.

Second: Make sure to create an expiration date

Whenever you give your customers an offer, bonus discount, any kind of benefit or a service that you announce, make sure you create an expiration date. If you let your clients know that there is a limited time that they can use this offer, you are letting them know once it expires they will never get to use it again. By doing this you will get them hooked up on using it as soon as they can.

Third: With competitive pricing, you can show your worth

Don't make your clients go on your competitor's web pages, show them how your prices look when compared to other companies. If you do this, not only will you build your clients trust, but you will also show them that they can count on you to find the best prices.

The other option to do this would be by sending them a list of your sliced prices that compare to the prices of other companies. You can even use direct links to their web pages.

Fourth: Student discounts

You can always win your clients hearts by showing that you are there for them.

Your clients love you the most when they can't afford you, but you give them a special chance to afford you. Most of the clients who can't afford you are students, so you should give out special offers or discounts to students. If you do this, you will allow your brand to become a part of their daily lives.

For older clients, who are not students, you can give them a service like after-pay. By doing this you allow them to buy an item for the same price, they will just need to pay for it later.

Five: Good composition stretch of your email

This mostly depends on the company that you are in, but the stretch of your email can create more conversations about your brand. The first thing to do is, you have to make sure that there is only one focus message in your newsletter, with only two or three secondary one.

After that, you should show this ranking by employing various size structures, colors in the background and call to action button sizes. How big is your structure is the main thing that will show the importance of your deal.

Things should be kept scannable, either keep it short and simple or long and detailed. If you want to know which one is better for you, just do an A or B test.

You should test a few various versions every few months, so you can see what works best with your clients.

Six: keep landing page responsive

This one is not optional, it's a must-do!

Seven: authorize a systematic look

Don't lose any clients by making them click on a link that makes them leave your page.

The first thing to do is, make sure you don't overvalue the offers you put in your newsletter. You don't want to make your clients bothered when they visit your web page.

The second thing to do is, give them surprise popup offers with a 10% discount if they fulfill the action you requested them to do.

The third thing to do is, make sure you show them your bestseller with search results, don't list their popularity by order. By doing this you will keep your clients hooked up longer, that's most important.

The fourth thing to do is, make sure that your newsletter design is adjusted with your web page so that clients don't get doubtful. By adjusting it to your web page you will make them more comfortable while shopping and browsing.

How to get loyal clients with an email design?

If you want to increase your brand's loyalty towards your clients' end and intake it to your brand's biggest interest. We will show you some aspects of a newsletter design that will help you get the results you want:

First: You show your identity by consistency

With consistency and ever-evolving branding, you boost up your brand's loyalty.

But how are email newsletters involved in this?

You could create a loyalty program from noting if you want, or you could just revive the one that you already have.

After that, you could blend your web page with a tracking code, this way you can track your client's attitude and change it instantly if needed.

With a tracking code, you can use Marketing Automation to keep track of your clients' views/click and purchases. With this, as soon as they've fulfilled your requirements this will automatically trigger an email. In this email, they will get a special discount or a gift, be sure to let them know why they got it, so if they won't get the same discount or gift again, they know how to earn it.

Third: Approval of a favorite star

A newsletter is a great way to get better communication with a new client.

People don't pay that much attention when watching YouTube video ads or TV commercials. However, they do read a newsletter, consciously, we know this because they actually open it.

If we were to discover the basic client's personality in your audience, that would give you a chance to choose the right client for your brand and with that, you intake loyalty and more importantly sales.

Another great way to increase your communication is by bringing national or specific awareness day, to increase your awareness and celebrate with your clients:

newsletter design, discounts on national days

Four: The authority of the sender on the topic

Your doubtful authority on a certain topic is what will make your clients looking forward to receiving emails from you.

That means, you don't only have to focus on your open rates, as we said before, if you build your authority that will also increase your brand loyalty. You should always keep this in mind.

Start building your Omnichannel marketing with email design aspects

You might wonder, why do you need your email design aspects to intake omnichannel marketing? We will answer that question for you.

Just so you know, it would be foolish of you if you didn't, because it won't cost you anything/it's free and it makes clients take middle or bottom of the filter actions.

Now that we explained it for you, it's time to show you some ways that you can use your email newsletter design aspects to increase your results:

First: exploit your header and footer

Every good newsletter is arranged with legal and other information that clients will probably need, but this is done in such a succinct way that it doesn't accord with the client's experience, at all!

Putting your brand's logo in the header is one of the most known and most common ways. There are brands who also indicate their student discounts, bonuses, gifts, product categories and free shipping, if they offer it for free.

The flexibility of the brand is essential for your reliability as a brand.

For us, a great newsletter is similar to catwalk. If those who see a photo of your brand, will they actually know it's your brand? If they do, then you have done a pretty awesome job.

You can achieve the consistency of your brand by using your brand's colors and your color palette.

It's also settled over your brand personas and the imagery and copy you use to come across to your clients.

The last thing, your brand's appearance is expressed by the visuals that you make, you have to be original and authentic about your content. And be sure to use the right font!

How to find your footer

In the footer, your clients should be able to find the " unsubscribe" button.

Other than that, brands mostly add in their footers many different links, respecting legal or other company information such as Terms and condition, their Privacy policy and Exclusions. That's why you will be receiving the email FAQs, view-email in the browser, and so on.

Skinny Dip London, we suggest that you use this company if you want to make a great footer that comes out. If you choose to use Skinny Dip London, you are not making a bad decision, just so you know.

Second: get sales out of your email newsletter photos

You should most surely add a straightforward link to every product photo, word or call to action button in your email newsletter design.

It would be ideal if you matched the visuals of your email newsletter with those that are on your web page. By doing this, when your clients click on your link they will know for sure that they went on the right page. For example, there is a newsletter area that promotes 40% discount sitewide would probably lead to a landing page that says " 40% discount sitewide", it would also mirror the same branding colors that were used in the email newsletter.

Third: make sure your newsletter promotes your social media

You should most surely, use your newsletter to make it simpler for your clients to follow you on your social media apps. Be sure to pick your social media buttons and arrange their various URLs.

If you want to make even more clients into followers, make sure to say why it benefits them to be your friends on social media, you should use: new offers, discounts, bonuses, free gifts, and stuff like that for example.


We've reached the end of this free guide on how to make your email newsletter design. We hope that you've learned how to create your own email newsletter design and that we have helped you find all the information you were looking for. If you have any more questions or if you didn't understand something, be sure to add a comment so we can answer it for you. All that is left for you to do is to use this information and create your email newsletter design. We hope that you understand now, how important it is to have a really good newsletter design and how much it can help you achieve the results that you want for your business.

Are you in need of a bigger email list? Well then, you are in great luck because Emailverify offers you a free article about how you can grow your email list! Be sure to give it a look if you are in a need of a bigger email list.

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