The Role of SEO in Digital Marketing Strageties

The growth of the internet has been fueled by consumer demand for online services. Doing things online provide the desired flexibility and ease, as everything is just one click away. It is desirous that as the number of internet users grows, your online business grows as well. This is the reason why digital marketing has become a prerequisite for every online business. This article helps you understand the meaning of SEO in digital marketing, it's focus areas and why it is such a crucial part of digital marketing.

The Intersection of SEO and Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encapsulates a wide array of activities carried out to boost the growth of your business online. It includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Management (SEM), creating and managing your social media handles and helps you create an influence on your new and existing clients.

A question that lingers on every mind is, ”What does SEO stand for in business?”. This article helps you understand the meaning of SEO in digital marketing, it's focus areas and why it is such a crucial part of digital marketing.

meaning of seo in digital marketing

Achieving Business Growth using Digital Marketing

The one thing that hampers your progress as a business owner is the high cost of customer acquisition and retention. One may be compelled to run marketing campaigns, invest in paid advertisements and distribute freebies.

This may lead to a multifold increase in the cost of your goods and services. Even after investing heavily, one may not be able to reach out to the correct target audience.

The aim of digital marketing, or any marketing, for instance, is to help in the growth of your business. In the end, it all boils down to revenue generation. There are two ways to boost revenue generation: increasing the volume of sales with your existing clients or increasing the number of your clients.

Both of these require a strong market presence. As all businesses are moving online, it becomes essential to create a strong presence online as well.

SEO aims to provide a solution to all these complexities. Although digital marketing is a multifaceted domain, it intersects with SEO on the aspect of customer acquisition.

This is the reason why generally SEO is considered as the first step towards digital marketing as customer acquisition is the primary requirement for any business.

what does seo stand for in business
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Traditional Advertising versus Digital Marketing

Traditional advertising mediums like flyers, newspapers and merchandising targets a wide spectrum of people. It throws the ball in the consumer’s court. A consumer may or may not the demand for that particular commodity or services.

However, in digital marketing, we work towards having the ball in our court. All those customers who are looking for any particular goods or services are simply directed towards our website. This is achieved using SEO.

Why Does SEO Play a Central Role in Digital Marketing?

It is quite evident that one has the tendency to click on the initial search results for a query that one puts. This has also been proved by observing patterns of user traffic. 95% of the user traffic stays on the first page itself. Using Search Engine Optimization, one can achieve organic growth for their websites.

Organic growth, in a technological context, represents the ranking of a website on the search results page. The first result for a query is ranked 1, the next is ranked 2 and so on. If a user searches for any requirement online, higher your ranking, higher are the chances of that user visiting your website.

Once the user is directed towards your website, you can let other aspects of digital marketing take the center-stage. Making your content interactive, putting options for sharing on social media and rewards based actions can then help to retain your client. However, the first initial push towards your website is extremely initial. This is done using Search Engine Optimization.

The major reason why people often believe that SEO and digital marketing are one and the same thing is because your entire digital marketing strategy is centralized around search engine optimization as it is the most major source of user traffic. Statistics reveal that 1.17 Billion people use search engines and the number is growing exponentially especially because of the rapid rise of smartphones.

Advantages of SEO in Digital Marketing

Some aspects of digital marketing may require monetary aspects like hiring content writers, putting your ads on Google and buying leads through social media. SEO is one of those aspects that may not require any expenditure.

You can see improvements in the ranking of your website by tweaking your content a bit to make it more ‘search keyword’ oriented. You can delete content which is irrelevant and use appropriate URLs.

These are baby steps in search engine optimization but may yield significant results. This is where you can take the help of digital marketing agencies which can introduce you to analytical tools for monitoring your website.

This data obtained is quite useful for both, SEO and digital marketing as it provides a direction to your strategies by highlighting the areas that you can grow in and the clients that you can acquire. It can help you understand the content on your website that is gathering the maximum attention and the content that is simply making your website bloated with data.

SEO and digital marketing are tools which, when used correctly can completely transform your brand.

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