Small Business Owners Need These SEO Services

You might be thinking that your small business doesn't have the need for professional Small business SEO Services or search engine optimization services. In order to understand how much of a difference a professional SEO service can have on your business, even though it's a small one. We need to explain the perks and benefits of these SEO services for small business as it pertains to your particular business.

When it comes to small business, it is even more important to have good rankings on the search engine result pages, than it is for the bigger business. Hiring a professional SEO company that delivers top-quality results for an affordable price can be pretty overwhelming. Let's dig deeper on what should you expect from those services and what crucial improvements should they implement on your website.

SEO for small business doesn't have to be complicated!

Keyword optimization and research

Keyword optimization and research is one of the most important parts, regarding your website's SEO. Before you even start planing your best strategy for improving your traffic and ranking from a search engine, you need to know which particular keywords you want to target. Those keywords will have a major effect on your website's future development and ranking optimization. The best practice is to use no more than two keywords per page that you want to target.

Following this logic, you should make sure that you have enough pages on your website to target all of your specific keywords that you have chosen for your website. Those keywords should be tightly connected to your website's niche and key aspects of your business, but we will go into those details later. If you are a small company that offers automotive services for BMW, you will try to use keywords that cover all of the aspects that your business provides to your potential customers. Some of those words might be "BMW repair","BMW parts" or any similar keyword that fits your company's niche. Don't forget to include the synonyms for the keywords also, because people might search for "BMW fixing", so don't forget to cover all of your bases. Picking the best keywords for you website comes down to these three factors:

  1. Is this particular keyword relevant to your line of the business? Does it have a commercial intent? The keywords you should be looking for here are the ones that have commercial intent - "BMW repair company" is a lot better than "how to repair my BMW", because the first combination of keywords has the commercial intent. You should also try to avoid keyword combinations that have some of your desired keywords, but don't have anything to do with your business. The keywords like "BMW car races" might contain some of the keywords that would be useful for your website, but the intention of that search won't bring visitors to your business website, since you don't organize BMW races.
  2. What is the exact keyword search volume in your local area? You should always check how the particular keyword, that you are considering to use on your website, is ranking in keyword search volume. The more searches it has - the higher the chances that it will do good on search engine page. If your business is offering services that are exclusive to your local area, you should exclude the other parts of the world in your research - you want to focus on people that actually live there and can come and visit your business.
  3. How competitive is that keyword? If the keyword that you have chosen has a lot of competition, meaning that a lot of people are searching for it, that also means that the market is probably saturated for that given keyword. Try to find the keyword that has lower competition, but describes your services in the perfect way - that way you will need to invest less time and money to actually see results in improving your website. The fact is that people click on one of the top five rankings they see on Google search page for a particular keyword. You should make sure that you choose the keyword that you can actually boost up to be top five on the search result page.

There are various tools that you can use to help you in your keyword research. While doing your research you might find some keywords that you don't have pages for on your website. You should consider adding the page on your website for that keyword, if you think it will bring more traffic to your website. All of your keywords should be organized into a hierarchy, so you can easily get all of their information, about their volumes and their competitiveness, which will allow you to manipulate those keywords correctly. Keyword research is arguably the most important part of SEO of your business, so you should consider hiring a professional to provide you with effective keyword research. If the keyword research is done correctly, it will serve as the concrete foundation for any of your future optimization, regarding your business.

Page creation

Now that we are all done with the keyword research for our small business, it's time for the next step. We need to create relevant pages for your website that will include those keywords. For each of the keywords that are connected to your small business niche, you need to have a new page. If you don't have those keywords on your website, it is not possible to rank for them on the search engine. The goals that you want to accomplish her are:

  • Pages should be long enough with clear and defined structure
  • Don't duplicate your pages - each one needs to be unique. They should be only about your small business and nothing else
  • Make sure that you are producing the pages that are interesting to your readers. This will ensure low bounce rates and give your small business a better chance to rank among top results on Google
  • Keep your URLs clean and simple. Use them to describe the page in a few words, without using any unnecessary phrases
  • Don't target more than two keywords on any of your pages
  • You shouldn't have any writing or spelling mistakes
  • Try to choose only the top-quality images that fit your small business
  • Format your websites pages so they can be easily read
  • Research your competition - Google the keywords you want to use on your website, and try to see what are your competitors doing right
SEO Services
SEO Services for Small Business

Page optimization for your small business

When you have covered all of the necessary steps for creating the website pages, the next thing we need to do is make sure they are optimized for small business SEO. The best thing that you can do here, is adjust your websites pages. There is no point in trying to start from scratch, adjusting the pages is a lot easier. Firstly we identify the problems that are occurring on the page, and then we fix them. It has happened a lot of times that the particular page needs only a few minor adjustments. After those adjustments it can be better understood by all of the search engines - which means better ranking for your small business. The things that are usually causing the biggest problems for the websites pages are :

  • The <title> tag for your search results listing is not relevant enough. You want to adjust it, so the potential customer clicks on it, as soon as he sees the name of the page
  • Not including the proper keywords and all of their synonyms and common variations. It might happen that you have just forgot the synonyms for your particular keyword that people are searching more often
  • You didn't optimize the anchor text of your links on the page. This should be thoroughly checked, you should also check the anchor links that area leading to that same page
  • You didn't add notations for the images that are shown on your pages. In order for Google to completely understand the image, you need to add the notation for it. It's the only way Google can understand what's in the picture.
  • Your didn't make your page long enough. This can be fixed by analyzing the page in order to find the perfect part that we can expand
  • Your page has a large number of off-topic content. This content needs to be pulled off this page and moved to their respective area. Don't forget - only two keywords per page!

This is just a preview of the most common SEO services for small business that our website is offering. Our goal is to take your small business SEO and give it the necessary push towards the top ranking on the search engine page. With our boost, your business will be sky rocketing in no time. We are well aware that small business needs a lot of attention and effort to succeed in the world that is flooded with big corporations, but we promise that it's an achievable task for our professional team!

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