Customer Service: The Biggest Little Thing in Marketing

There’s not much that’s not been said about the benefits of great customer service. Everyone appreciates, especially when they need something in return. For many, it can make or break an experience, and provide a little bit extra assurance.
Many marketing companies like my own stray away from highlighting it as a selling point. We don’t brag or let you know that you should expect it, because well, you should expect it.
Big companies that provide a one-size-fits-all solution to marketing will tout their 24/7 customer support line and 5 star rated testimonials. That’s great and all, but they’re only doing it because they’re a big company. By entering into a contract with them, you agree to do business with one of the big guys.
That in itself is just setting yourself up for a less than hopefully customer experience. Don’t get me wrong there are companies that do it right but to most your another account that lacks any real meaning.
I’ve realized that “great customer service” is a far too vague and ambiguous term. 
When we work with people, we try to establish relationships and really get to know their businesses. Not only does this provide more insight into the problems and how to generate solutions, but it gets us invested in their project.
What I mean by this is that a customer service rep who has no real ties, or interest in a business, is nine times out of ten going to do a poorer job helping them out. They can see the results, but only in a limited sense. Metrics are right there in a spreadsheet, but the impact is much more than that.
We like to get to know people for a number of reasons. For one, it allows us to see the impact beyond the numbers and right into how it translates for the business. Regular communication with clients and customers provides that insight, which in the end is helpful for improving our marketing.
Additionally, dealing with someone who can relate and get along is a much more enjoyable experience. A happy customer service rep is great and all, but for a business based around providing quality services you’re going to want human who shares your concern.
Nobody likes dealing with robots. Humans are much more pleasant. 
Getting to know people gives us another significant advantage. Instead of solving problems as they arise through the marketing process, we are a unique position to actually prevent them.
Knowing what a business might be up against int eh competitive landscape, or as technology evolves, better prepares us to act in their best interest. This cannot be overstated enough. Although it’s not always immediately evident, this can be a massive time and money saver for a business you're dealing with.
Naturally, you have options when you're looking for marketing solutions, or any services really for that matter. But if you’re looking for someone to have an interest and be more a partner than an account manager, look to the small guys.
We’re actually more human, believe it or not.
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