6 Actionable Social Media Tips eCommerce in 2023


Remember back in the '90s, when business was only carried inside four walls. Several employees were working on different tasks. The only way to expand your business was to form personal contacts, and the single exposure to the customers was word-of-mouth. Later obviously print advertisements and television advertisements hiked the business process.

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But today, we live in The Digital Era. Businesses are set up online, and the businessmen don't need four walls and a considerable amount of capital to start a business. Web development has helped a long way down! Just like the e-business, promotion and advertisements are also carried out online. Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing is a huge business now.

Many bosses are hiring a whole team of employees to handle their social media. Now the businessmen know that their audience is turning online and are always on social media, even when they are at work or even at home chilling. Fun and creative social media posts are to be created to attract many audiences to the company. Social media cannot just attract the audience, but also increase their brand awareness and build new clients and relationships with new colleagues.

Various campaigns are created by them so that they know what their audience wants. Do you think to create a social media page is an easy task? Right from understanding the target audience, to getting the SEO right, to getting a vast creative post and getting several followers, social media web design team needs to work on it. There may be a lot of marketing tips for startups and e-commerce marketing tips, but you got to clear your head and learn the essential, actionable tips for running your social media page.

● First Impression matters: Consistent Page Branding
Okay, when you have any social media account, what do you expect the viewers to see the first thing? That you have a decent profile picture and your feed looks attractive, right? Same with the Social Media account of any e-commerce website. Your page describes your site. The credibility and reliability of your website concern what kind of content you are going to showcase in your feed. A whole set of social media feed web design team works to carry out the page. Right from the logos to the pictures and posts need to be well aligned. The logo should be transparent and need to be attractive for the viewers. The posts that you put up need to be of one size and patterns. Social media influencers even follow a theme and color coordination for their page to make it more aesthetic. They need to be organized and clear. This adds more value to the page, and the feed looks ethnic, making an excellent first impression.

● People’s Reviews Do Matter a lot
Like said previously, word of mouth was a massive play in those times. However, some things will never change. If any of your visitors are confused between your brand and the competitors brand, he/she may ask their user friends or instead just read the comments section below the page. Well, that is true, putting up the proof of the reviews matter in a website. The customer will undoubtedly take a reasonable amount of time to convince himself/herself before indulging in these acts. Everybody reads the reviews of the movie before going to the theatre, right? It is also necessary to validate all the reviews and reply to them in the comments section.

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● #Content: Your Profile Description is your Website
Same as your Profile Picture, your bio matters. The social media workers spend a reasonable amount of time working on the content. Content is the king, and if the profile on social media is not described well, then it is a loss. Relevant words should be used as the word count is limited in a lot of mediums. The company should know what their words should be, even if they are highly technical words. A right amount of research should be done on the SEO (Search Optimization Engine). Hashtags do help a lot. Twitter has the trend of hashtags and adding them to their description adds a lot of value. Later, talking about the actual content in the social media page, originality is what everyone craves. Youtube has smartly acted out the concept of creativity. All the curators there know the importance of new and original content and bring out the best techniques to market. They post the clip, and people around the world follow them and even appreciate them. Nowadays, short video formats are also in trends. The creative team creates short but very impactful videos for the post, and they do generate an impact on the business.

● Creativity is a Must. Pun game should be strong
Social media is all about creativity. If you are not creative enough, you are considered to be a bore. Wildest ideas make the best social media posts and all the business, be it online or offline works on creating the most relatable and trending posts on the internet.
Example: When Game of Thrones was going to air, almost all the brands creatively used GoT theme and advertised their product.
Example: In this Pride Month Season, most of all the companies changed their colors to Pride Colors.
A lot of companies like Zomato, Uber, Shein, and even Amazon and Flipkart have worked out the process of creating exclusive and creative content. They have started their trends. Emotional appeal does work wonders as the audience gets attached to the brand. Both photos and videos are used to make imaginative pictures. It's the generation of memes. They are highly used to sell the brand. Illustrative articles make a better impact.

● Collaborations are in trend

Collaborations are surely in a direction in today's time. Giving shout outs and bringing up the product does help a lot to the website.

Have you seen the recent collaboration of Spotify with McDonald's? They have created a very cool video, and they have collaborated, wherein the users can sit in McDonald's and arrange their fries in a specific pattern and use that as a code for Spotify, who will play the exact songs that are mentioned in the code. It is a very dope technique to give shout outs, tag, and amalgam the companies. A lot of brands even give out free stuff to the influencers, who later give a shout out, or instead recommend them to their followers and they do help a lot.
Example: A lot of beauty products are given away. Once your brand is all set with a large number of followers, the option of ‘Swipe Up’ comes into the media. Direct link to the website is made available there. It makes the process of getting to the website quickly, and the visitors the site also increases.

● Did something unusual in the firm? Show the world

It’s the world of showing off. If your brand organized an event, let the online world know. Start with the pictures, market activities, and that will allow your brand to build a good reputation. Even if it is a small change in the delivery process or some offers, that can also be shared. Social media is all about showing it to the people.
Example: Your brand organized a marathon for ‘protection of the environment’ and let a lot of people made aware of the event. A lot of celebrities were invited. They all arrived, you can go live on social media, people will be interested in watching the good deed. With the end of the event, posting all the photos on the social media page will help to get a lot of appreciation.

Example: Your company decided to give away a 70% discount on women’s day. There should be enough social media marketing that people do know about the discounts and grab as much as possible. It is essential that proper marketing is done.

Once in a while, showing off your customers and giving away stuff for free is also healthy for the brand.

Final Word.

It may seem easy, but it is a challenging job to create a social media web design. A lot of brainstorming is required to post even a single post. A brand reputation is kept in mind, and later, the posts are created. The businessmen are trying hard to run their e-commerce business. Well, social media has been a boon to the company as it gives a lot of exposure. By sharing original content, working well with the SEO and always chasing for creativity will lead to an excellent social media page. Even, looking out for the pattern of functioning a social media account and seamlessly approaching the influencers can work wonders for the firm. Creating engaging content where the audience can participate and win things can add value to the business and also attract a large number of customers in the brand, increasing brand loyalty.

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