Use Proof Leads Notifications to Increase Conversions

Traffic has always been the focal point of business SEO, but many people forget that it's the conversions that count. Tons of traffic that does not convert doesnt help a business at all in terms of sales. We can use proof notifications as social proof to help increase conversions.

Use Social Proof marketing

Our goal as business owners is to increase revenue, provide great product or services and keep our customers happy. Amazingly we have a tool that can help us in converting our traffic into paying customers. You can now Use Proof Leads notifications to increase the conversion rate of your checkout page, landing page, or any button or form related page.

How Do We Use Proof Leads Notifications?

The process is very simple. Once you sign up to Proof Leads and create a free account you can create notifications. Each notification contains an image, name, location and time stamp each of these fields can be manually customized. So if you wish to display old customer data you can do so as well. The social Proof notifications dashboard allows you to easily import past customer data and implement it as a use proof leads notification. The free version give you five custom social proof notifications that cycle through based on the time frame you set up in the campaigns pages.

Using Social Proof to convert better

What are Proof Leads Campaigns?

You can use proof leads campaigns as a way to bundle together your notifications and assign them a message. A single message is than used on your landing page for all notifications that display. The campaign settings also allow you to choose where you wish to display the social proof notifications in terms of url as well as placement. You can choose between bottom left, bottom right, top left and top right.

But as marketers and business owners when we use proof leads we take it a step further. Using the campaign customization options we can easily change the color of our text, notification background, responsive display and more. This allows us to have it easily blend into our page without seeming like a 3rd party application.

Use Proof Leads as Social Proof Notifications!

It is all about social proof. There is real science behind this behavior and its known as informational social influence. It happens when people copy the actions of others in order to correct their own actions or belong to something. We have this inherent behavior of wanting to feel like we belong. the easiest way people do this is by imitating behavior.

This might not happen at the conscious level for most people but subconsciously our brain automatically follows guidelines set out by others. This is why Social proof works so well. When we add this science to social proof notifications we see that people automatically follow through with actions with just a little suggestive marketing.

When users on your website see a notification saying "only two more left" this gives a sense of urgency and highetened desire for the product or service or seat or spot being sold. Many hotels, airlines and other major industry players use this type of social notification behavior to nudge customers towards purchase decisions.

Use proof leads notification exmaples

Major Industry Tool at Marginal or Free Cost.

Bigger players in the market use their own in house system that create these type of notifications for them to display. As a small business owner it become difficult to compete and making such tools is never easy or cost effective. That's why using proof leads works very well for small businesses. They can easily use the free for life plan and get five notifications and when they think it's helping conversions they can always upgrade and get a lot more features.

Verdict: Use Proof Leads - Try it While it Remains Free to Use.

We have seen many small business tools go from totally free to paid over a few months. Those who go on and signed up retained their free status. We think the same will be the case for Proof Leads their free plan might not remain free forever. As a suggestion to small businesses owners it's recommended to at least sign up for the free version. It doesn't cost you anything and you never know when you might want to add it to your next landing page.

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