Wix SEO Tips: Boost Traffic on Your Wix Blog

Gone are the days when you had to be a professional website developer in order to build a website. There are now platforms which are available to help you create websites in an instant. They guide you step by step ,and help you design some of the best websites in the world. You can connect your domain instead of going for the one that is provided by these platforms.

However, you will have to pay a certain fee in order to get access to all the features on these platforms. One such platform which has gained quite a lot of love and attention in the world is Wix, which gives you the freedom to create websites and design them with a wide range of selectable options, including fonts and backgrounds.

One thing which becomes an issue when creating websites using these builders is the SEO. It has been a challenging issue for all the people out there, whether the websites have been designed by the builders or through the traditional programming approach.

Companies hire professional SEO handlers to oversee the day to day operations, and help the websites reach the top of search results for a few keywords. However, there are a few ways in which you can help your website that is created through Wix, to reach the full potential as far as the Search Engine Optimization is concerned. Here are some Wix SEO tips that will help you.

Use the WIX SEO Wiz

This is the easiest way that you can handle the SEO of your website that is created via Wix. You will not face the need to look for a professional person to handle the SEO,since the people over at Wix will provide you with an assistant that will guide you at every step and help you spread out the word of your website.

All you will have to do is fill out the answers to a few questions and also tell the assistant of the keywords, to which you want a high ranking. The wizard will generate a plan automatically based on your answers and when you follow that plan, there will be a rise in the ranking of your website.

You will not have to worry about the process taking too long since you will have the almost exact timeline to your rising.

8 Easy Wix Seo Tips to Follow

Use Long Keywords

Usually you will notice that the shorter one or two worded phrases have the highest number of searches. However, this also means that they are the most competitive keywords out there.

If you scroll down the list of the keywords, you will notice that there are longer keywords which do not have quite as many people searching it as the shorter ones. This means that there are higher chances of your website being found as the top priority in Google search results if you work on these keywords.

If you are a business that is based out of a particular city, try for the keywords that cater to the location of your business as well.

Use The Right Domain

While there are no right or wrong domains as such, there are some domains which are better than others. These right domains are short and have the main keyword included in the name of the domain as well.

This makes things for the Google Bot easier, since it is able to scour through your website easily when the keyword is found within the domain itself. You should research about the selection of the domain, before you go ahead and buy one that is not going to help you when the SEO comes into the picture.

MetaData is Important

Write titles and descriptions for all the things that are possible on your website. This may be the basic thing that you will have to understand when you are considering the SEO of your website.

However, you might also want to pay attention to the uniqueness of your content. Copying content from someone else’s website is not a good idea, if you want to rank higher in the search results.

Go for titles to your pages, so that they come up in the search results, and the higher the number of people that click on that particular search result, the higher is the ranking on the search engines.

Cover All Platforms

When you are creating a website, do not just consider the desktop version of the website. Take into account that users today are using all sorts of devices to look up content on the internet.

Ensure that your website is optimized for the best viewing on the mobile and tablet versions as well. This will help you cater to a wider range of audience, that is not necessarily carrying their laptops with them.

Statistics suggest that over half the searches that are done today are from the mobile devices and therefore, if you make a website that is only for the desktop version, you are losing half the audience.

Build A Map

wix seo tips sitemap
Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/dWwZBcjw3GE

You do not need to build a map of your website on paper. However, you will be required to submit a sitemap to Google and other search engines.

This will be a plan of all the pages and their connections to each other that will help the bot crawl through the pages easily. Wix offers the service to build an automatic sitemap which can be submitted directly to the search engines.

Do Not Stop

There are a lot of users who rest after their website has reached the top on a few keywords. They start to get regular clicks and think that the SEO of their website is no longer required.

However, this is not the case and it is important to be regular in this aspect. This is because there are other people across the world, who are aiming for the top position and they might just be in it for the keywords that your website is ranking on today. Therefore, you will have to constantly evolve and also approach other keywords as well, implementing the various Wix SEO tips that have been mentioned above.

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