Construction Company Names [50 Best] Ideas to Brand Your Company

Mar, 19 | 36 min read
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How you brand your construction company is important and the first crucial step in that direction is naming it right. The name of your construction company defines the service you are capable of providing, as people would generally favor a construction company name that immediately forms a clear image in their mind. Also remember a good name is great for SEO

To give you an idea of how to name your construction company, we will first provide you with some tips and then you can check out the 50 construction company name ideas we have curated from the web to give you a better idea of what you want. You can use those names if they haven’t already been claimed or modify them to suit your construction companies image.

Construction Company Names

1. Keywords

The world isn’t like before where multiple hoarding and advertisement on television and paper would do the job. The advancement of the internet means you need to build a website for your construction company and make sure your company appears on the top searches when someone is looking for a construction company. For this purpose, it’s vital that you name your construction company in a way that they have the most frequently used keywords in the company name. For example, it’s vital that you add construction co. or company after every name.

2. Attractive

This should be obvious. In this busy world, none of us has time to remember the name of the companies we come across. The name needs to appeal to us, to associate something funny or emotional with it for us to find a place for it in our subconscious. The name should roll off our tongue easily. While choosing a name for your construction company, make sure it’s catchy and attractive. That the name brings a chorus of appreciation.

3. Short and Sweet

The shorter a name is, the easier it is to remember. When a name is too long, the brain automatically rebels again remembering it properly. One of the words might get messed up or the whole company name might become something else if the name becomes too long for anyone to get a grasp on. If it’s short and to the point, it becomes something easy for us to remember.

4. Pun Or Humorous Names

If your company name has a pun in it or maybe it’s humorous, it gets an immediate boost in appeal. People like seeing intelligent phrases, people like laughing or thinking of something as clever. Intelligent is something that’s acknowledged by everyone. On top of that, if your construction company name is smart, it makes you look like a refined person too. It is in your based interest that you name your company something smart and appealing.

5. Unique

If possible, make sure your construction company name is like no other. There are millions of construction companies in the market. You need to stand out with your name among them. To do that, you have to find a name that’s unique and gets the message of your company across. A name that people will look at and wouldn’t be able to find similarity with anything else they have heard or read before. The more unique your name is, the more it has a chance of staying in a person's mind for days after.

50 Best Construction Company Names and Ideas

1. SkyBuildz - is available.

2. SteadRock Engineers - is available

3. Dexterous Construction Technology - is available

4. Rise and Grind Pros. - is available

5. DynoTech Construction - is available

6. Foxcraft Construction - is available.

7. HiCaliber Construction - is available.

8. ReCon Structures- is available.

9. Commonwealth Construction - is available.

10. Dynastruction - is available.

11. In the Know Construction - is available.

12. EcoWorld Construction - is available.

13. TruQuality Constructionn- is available.

14. Ascent Builders is available.

15. Silverlining Remakes - is available.

16. Rehab The Hab - is available.

17. Atlas Construction Co. - is available.

18. Quick Flip - is available.

19. Pinnacle Rental Restorations - is available.

20. Spring branch - ispringbranch.coms available.

21. Aspex Construction Co - is available.

22. Titan Construction - is available.

23. Anchor Construction - is available.

24. Sandcastle Home Builders is available.

25. Blue Paradise Builders - is available.

26. Seaside Contractors - is available.

27. Yellow Brick Road Construction - is available.

28. Fortress Construction Group - is available.

29. Mighty Powerhouse Construction - is available.

30. Shield Construction - is available.

31. B1uewater Construction - is available.

32. Cornerstone Construction is available.

33. Epinova Construction - is available.

34. Nailed It Construction Co. - is available.

35. BareBones Construction Co. - is available.

36. Good Bones Construction - is available.

37. Urban360 Renewals - is available.

38. BetterAbodes - is available.

39. Eagle eye construction - is available.

40. Precision Renovation - is available.

41. Pure Constructor is available.

42. Risemark Construction - is available.

43. Meridian Construction Specialists - is available.

44. Budget Brickwork - is available.

45. Beaming Builders - is available.

46. MorphUs Builders - is available.

47. Capstone Construction - is available.

48. Source One Construction Company - is available.

49. Spaces Flippers - is available.

50. Nexus Build - is available.

The Name Generators

This day and age, it’s easy to look for new names and check if the domain is available to go with the name. Sites like, Lean Domain Search, all are helpful sites in coming up with a name for a construction company. Make sure to check them out once, as even if you don’t use the names, they can give you a better idea of what kind of names work in the market.

The same applies to domain availability checkers. Sites,, all generate new domain names and check if the domain is for your site. This will save you a heap lot of trouble when you decide to buy a domain.

Brand Your Construction Company Right

We hope this list proved to be useful to you. You don’t necessarily need to use the names or the domains on the list. It could be helpful to get your own creative ideas flowing, the end of which will hopefully lead to a perfect construction company name, a shiny new domain to go with it and a working business you couldn’t be more proud of.

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