How much should I budget for a website design?

This is a pretty simple question - what is the reasonable price that you should pay for a custom website design? While this question might be simple, the correct answer is much more complicated. In order to find the perfect amount of money that you need to invest into your budget website, we need to know a lot more about you and your business.

What type of business are you running? What is the exact size of your business? What are your expectations that this particular budget website should fulfill? These are just some of the questions that you need to answer, in order to find that perfect price for you budget website. But, there is no need to worry, we are here to help you out and to find the perfect budget website for your business.

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Difference your website makes

The Size Of Your Business

One of the most important things, when it comes to website budget, is the size of your business. If you are the owner of a highly profitable company, it makes sense that you are willing to invest a lot of money in your budget website. On the other hand, if you are a small business owner, that is just trying to get noticed and rise above the competition, your budget website will need to be cheaper.

The first step in finding out what is the price for the perfect budget website, is a realistic overview of your company. Reviewing what is the position of your business in the global market will give you a valuable information for your next step. Let's go through each of the company sizes, and give you a better insight on how much money you should invest into your budget website.

Non-Profit Businesses / Small Start-Ups

Let's start with the small non-profit businesses and start-ups. You might already know this, but the owners of these companies are usually trying to get a website for the lowest price possible. There is always an option of making you own budget website for free, using a free website builder. In order to make an amazing website, you need to be familiar with WordPress or any other website programming language.

The chances that you aren't a website designer are pretty high, so you need to hire one to help you out with your website. Even though you are making a low budget website, it needs to have integrity and a professional look. You don't want to leave an unprofessional and senseless impression on your potential customers.

With that being said, we are well aware that you don't have much money to invest for your budget website. Our best recommendation that we can give you, is to invest anywhere from $1000 - $4000. This might seem like a pretty enormous price to you, but laying the proper foundation for your business is crucial in its future growth. Without the professional foundation, you won't be able to develop your budget website any further - it will stagnate. This problem can be very counterproductive in the long run - you need to address it in the right way.

Budget Website for Small Businesses That Are Looking To Expand

In this segment we will talk about smaller companies that have already invested in their business. Those are companies like local restaurants, car mechanic shops or local pet shops. It doesn't really matter what is the niche of your business, having a budget website will drastically improve your popularity and revenues. Having a budget website, that looks amazing and works even better, will sky rocket your business.

You probably already have some sort of a website for your business. If that website was made using any of the free website builders, you need to reconsider investing in a redesign. Internet marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools, if you use it in a proper way you can get incredible results.

So, what is the ideal price for a budget website that will have an amazing impact on your business? You should expect to invest from $3000 - $6000 for this type of business. There are a lot of factors that you should take into account when ordering a custom budget website, so the price range may vary.

Is this price a bit high for your small business? It probably is, but it's a necessary tool to reach the full potential of your company. The things that you should expect from this budget website are:

  • Responsive website that works correctly
  • At least 10 pages
  • Social media linking on your website, maybe even a dynamical feed
  • Your blog on the website
  • Custom theme for the budget website that will match your brand

This is just our opinion on what should be included in this particular budget website. Depending on what company you hire, you might get different results. You can also check out what are the best SEO services for small businesses here.

the perfect price for your budget website
Planning the budget for your website

Businesses of a medium size

Medium-sized companies usually have a person that is in charge of the marketing. This means that these companies already have a website which is probably outdated and needs to be refreshed. The problem that these companies usually encounter, is that their budget website isn't optimized for mobile phone users. With mobile phone marketing industry growing each day, this could be a big blow to your business.

In order to fix any of the problems that your website might be experiencing, you will need to hire a professional to do the redesign of your website. This might sound like a small task, but the prices for a professional website redesign aren't much different from a professional website design from scratch.

If you want this job to be done correctly, you should expect the cost to be anywhere from $6000 - $10.000. This price will vary according to the amount of work that needs to be done on your current website. What are the features that you should expect for this budget website investment?

  • A custom solution for any content management system that your website is running
  • Fully responsive and error-free website
  • At least 20 pages
  • At least a basic SEO feature
  • Your custom blog on the website

These are the main features that you should look for. Maybe you don't need all of these, and maybe you need some other features. It all depends on your line of work and your expectations of the budget website.

Large Businesses

You might think that large companies don't need any more improvement or changes - they are already doing great. Companies like these are doing great because they are constantly adapting to the market and are looking for new and innovative ways to improve and develop even further.

Hiring a new person to do the redesign of your website might be crucial for your business. With a different perspective on your company and brand, you might be able to see different solutions that you have overlooked. There is no harm in hiring a professional website builder to give an insight on your current website.

Your website might be running smoothly and error-free, but there are always little details that need attention. You might have a lot of outdated content that needs to be sorted properly. You might want to implement new social networks that your users can login with. Maybe you need to change the logic of your website, so it becomes faster and more user-friendly?

There is an incredible amount of small details that you might want to change on your website. Some of those details might not be so small after all - maybe you need a whole new solution for that problem. If you are already asking yourself these questions, then you might want to think about hiring a professional who will redesign your outdated website.

The Price

What would be the reasonable price for a budget website redesign, considering you are a big company owner? From our experience, the price can range anywhere from $10.000 - $30.000, depending on the amount of work that you want to be done on your website. If you have any special features that you want to implement, it will cost you extra. If your current website already has a login area or a product area, you will see a big jump in the price. This is due to the security measures and extra coding that needs to be done properly.


What is the perfect price for your custom budge website? The answer to this question doesn't have to be complicated. If you are asking and answering the correct questions while identifying the problems that your website is currently experiencing, it will be pretty easy.

Once you have the perfect understanding of what resources you are willing to invest in your business, you will have a clear idea of the path that you need to choose. Don't worry if this step takes some time - it's always better to carefully rethink your choices before you decide what your next big step is going to be. It's the future of your business that you are working on, so don't be afraid to think thoroughly about it.

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