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Frequently asked questions

I have a brick and mortar location do I need Small Business SEO?

Locations are great for SEO and can help you get a tremendous amount of foot traffic to your business. Not only can you easily rank due to a physical address you also are able to get a position on google maps as well. This allows you to reach customers city wide depending on their search criteria and your business offerings.

I have a service based business will Small Business SEO help?

One of most understated ideas is that local seo doesn't work for service based small businesses and that's not true. One of the biggest hidden gems for a service based small business is using a location without displaying the address. This allows you to get map coverage without actually having a physical location.

I have a retail location how will SEO help me?

Retail locations do wonderful based on the approach they take. Adding your catalog online especially seasonal best sellers cna help you gain traffic from deep web searches. Targeting niche long tail keywords can give you steady traffic to your all season items. these are just two basic ideas and hundreds more that can be explored.

How long does it take to rank?

Ranking a business isn't an easy task. Depending on your industry, your website, your target market and the keywords itself that you are targeting all make a difference on time frame. No one can guarantee an exact placement ranking. We follow google's stringent standards and guidelines and follow those of whitehat SEO to help get the best results in the least amount of time.

When Considering SEO...

When looking for a service, business or product we all go to one place search engines. They are the key finding the best, latest and most affordable solutions to our searches. In almost all cases getting in front of customers starts with a much better search results ranking. But that doesn't mean Small Business SEO is for everyone.

The following  key points should be considered:

Budget. When targeting market moving keywords you might not have the budget to compete with the larger players. But that doesnt mean thats the only strategy.
Speed. In much more saturated markets with higher levels of competition, Small business SEO  takes longer in terms of delivering results.
Big competitors. There are a few keywords that are dominated by huge players like walmart, sears, target etc
Sometimes small businesses owners seek out SEO while looking for immediate results. This can lead to frustration and disappointment. SEO is a long term planned out strategy. It's based on understanding user intent, especially the intent of your target audience and ideal customer.

PPC on the other hand is a much faster strategy without any long term organic effects. But it does yield some results in less competitive markets.

If you are looking for strategic SEO with a planned approach and targeted focused strategy, then our Small Business SEO services are perfect for you.

We plan, perfect our strategy and over perform and deliver.

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