Which SEO Service Yields The Best Return?

There are a lot of SEO companies that are offering their SEO service to their customers. Most of these customers aren't aware what are those particular SEO services. They all know that those services will help their website rank higher, but how are they really done?

We have decided to give you an in depth preview of those services. This is the list of the most popular services that are provided, and each of these services will have a great impact on your websites ranking. It is in our best interest for you to understand all of these services. If you are a small business owner, maybe you are more interested in Small Business SEO Service. Let's start right away!

SEO service for you
SEO services that you might need

SEO Strategy

The most basic SEO service that you should start with is SEO strategy. SEO strategy is nothing more than combining all of the tactics into a plan that can be executed simply. The developing of SEO strategy usually starts with SEO audit, which we will talk about in the next paragraph. After the SEO audit is done, we examine the possibilities of your website, the things we can work on and improve.

Having a good SEO strategy is crucial for getting good results after your SEO service. Developing an amazing SEO strategy allows us to continue further with your SEO service. Taking each small step, one by one, we are guaranteed to complete this process with satisfying results.

SEO Audit - Arguably the most important SEO service

The necessary condition for a properly functioning SEO strategy is SEO audit. What does this SEO service do? SEO audit is basically a thorough check of your websites health, according to search engines. With the flawless SEO audit that our experts will do, we are capable of identifying any unexplored opportunities or issues that are troubling your website. With this SEO service, we are examining on-page elements, technical fundamentals and off-page essentials. This will give us the complete overview of your website. With this information, making a SEO strategy will come easy and naturally.

SEO audit is an SEO service that takes a lot of time, compared to other SEO services. Because of this, SEO audit gives incredible results that we can act on. These are some of the specific areas that SEO audit will analyze.

  • Search console setup and Google Analytics
  • Indexing and content
  • Content management system review
  • Content optimization and metadata review
  • Report of keyword ranking
  • Inbound link review
  • Analyzing your competition
  • Website infrastructure check
  • Internal / external linking
  • Detailed problem resolution

As you can see, SEO audit is a really huge SEO service. It gives us enough information about your website, and every tiny bit of that information is valuable. Let's move on to the specific SEO service that we can do after SEO an audit.

Keyword Research

In order to optimize your website to its full potential, we need to find the best focus keywords for it. There are two types of keywords that you can use on your website. The first ones are general keywords that bring more traffic to your website. While these keywords are good for increasing traffic, they don't really attract potential buyers. They are great for attracting a lots of browsers, that will just explore your website. They won't buy your products, or order your services. They will spend some time on the website, and then leave shortly after.

The other type are the keywords you should actually focus on - 'money keywords'. These keywords will bring the real potential customers to your company's website. These customers are well aware of what they are looking for. They will use a specific set of keywords that will bring them to your services, or your products. The key step in optimizing your website is identifying and differentiating these two groups of keywords.

Some examples of these two different types of keywords are:

  • "Skin care products" vs "buy dry skin cream online"
  • "Honda car parts" vs "Alternator for Honda Accord"
  • "Dog toys" vs "Natural squeaky toys for small dogs"

You get the idea. How is this particular SEO service done? Research, research and even more research. After an enormous amount of research, we are capable to deliver the best keywords from both types. With a professional hand that carefully combines these two, you get the best possible results for your website.

SEO Copy Writing Services

The thing that you need to understand about web crawlers is - they read web pages completely different than people. The ideal way to getting SEO copy writing right, is finding the perfect balance between crawler and users readability. We want to have content that is rich, engaging and captivating to our potential customers. But, we also want to have content that web crawlers can index and rank with ease.

It usually takes 3 seconds for your potential customer to decide if he will read your whole article or not. You need a headline that is compelling and matches their particular search term. You need the content that is tailor made for your readers. It needs to be simple to read, yet captivating and filled with useful information.

We are not talking about amazing content written by the best novel writers. The content on your website needs to be more than just bare facts. You need to explain to your customers why would your product be the perfect fit for them. They need to connect with your product - to imagine how much of a positive impact would it have on their life.

Connecting with your readers

Once that you have a great content, you need to connect with your customers. You want them to be engaged and interacting with your content. This will lead to more revenue from your website.

One more thing that people usually overlook, is that most of your website's traffic doesn't come from the home page. Instead, your potential customers will land on a specific page that matches their search input the best.

Search engine crawlers index web pages, and not the whole web site. To use this knowledge to our advantage, each page on your website should be focused on a particular set of keywords, or on a particular theme. The name for this SEO service is "latent semantic indexing" - this refers to the search engine crawler's ability to correctly determine the exact theme for a particular web page.

WordPress SEO

WordPress is open source platform with over 100 million users worldwide. The chances that you are running your website on WordPress are pretty high. That's why WordPress SEO is the SEO service that your website needs.

The content management features that WordPress SEO service should provide are:

  • Adding, removing or editing images and pages with ease
  • Instantly creating new sections and pages
  • Having multiple templates that allow for various layouts, while preserving your general design principles
  • Saving all of the previous page versions and designs in your database. This is very useful if there is an error, or you wish to return to the previous design.
  • Having a browser based access. This means that you can work on conveniently modify pages from any PC, no matter where you are
  • Uploading, managing and editing multiple images with ease
  • Efficiently handling website's content in multiple languages
  • Ability to easily integrate tools such as Search Console and Google Analytics, which will track your website's performance

These are just some examples of what a good WordPress SEO service should provide. Learn more about the best SEO Plugin as well.There is also one big step in WordPress SEO, and that is SEO website design. What is SEO website design?

SEO Website Design

If you want your website to stand out of the crowd, you need to have an amazing design. You want your customers to be amazed as soon as they visit your website. You don't want to have the same website as every other business on the Internet.

SEO service that gives you the website that looks amazing and smooth, but without interfering with search engines crawlers is SEO website design. This SEO service will create an intelligent and beautiful web site, that is developed especially for search engine crawlers.

In order to do this, there is a list of priorities that you need to consider, in the following order:

  • In which particular way will this design generate high converting traffic with good quality?
  • How will this design motivate my visitors to enjoy and explore my website further?
  • How will this design convert potential buyers into online revenues?

When the majority of your visitors discover you from one of popular search engines, you need to have a great design to keep them there. The first impression on your potential customers plays a big role here.

Correct information for your users

Your customers need to see the exact information that they came for - as soon as they land on your website. The answers that they are searching for need to be clearly visible and eye catching in the first 5 seconds of their visit. If this is done correctly, your visitors will be encouraged to stay more on your website, and explore it's content. They will want to see more of your content, if it's good enough and satisfying for their needs. If the design of your website is ugly and if it doesn't give enough information to your visitors, they will leave immediately. You won't even have the chance to show them your amazing content.

There are a lot of SEO services you can choose from. Every single SEO service has its advantages and flaws - you won't get everything from a single SEO service. The biggest trick is finding the exact combinations of SEO services that your website needs. Taking it step by step, a single SEO service at a time, your website can strive for greatness and advance in search engine rankings pages. After all, our goal is to make everyone see how great your business is.

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