16 Email Marketing Tools for Success in 2023

Social media is the new kid in the block when it comes to digital marketing. But email has not yet been dethroned. It still remains one of the most widely used marketing channels, and one of the most effective, too — as long as it’s used in the right way. Fortunately, there are a whole host of email marketing tools out there that make it that much easier to use the medium in the most efficient manner.

In this list, we’ll take a look at 16 email marketing tools that everyone should be making use of to ensure the best results. Do keep in mind that these tools and software are presented in a random order, so don’t read too much into the numbers.

16 Email Marketing Tools You Can Make Use Of

#01 MailChimp

MailChimp is easily amongst the top email automation platforms in the market right now. They perform their job beyond admirably, collecting all the statistics you’ll need, sending effective emails, and improving your campaign’s performance across the board. It’s touted to be an All-In-One Integrated Marketing Platform and they’re not wrong.

With a clean dashboard that makes everything easy to access, you can use MailChimp to import your lists, create and send your marketing campaigns, and work on building an audience. You’re also given complete control over your campaigns, with the ability to choose if you want to send the email to everyone on the list or to a specific segment only.

MailChimp also integrates with a large number of other popular email marketing tools, so that your workflow will remain uninterrupted.

You can get a free MailChimp subscription for up to 2,000 subscribers or up to 10,000 emails per month. The free tier offers businesses a whole host of tools that will make their lives easier. It is, however, limited. Paid plans start at $9.99 a month.

#02 Litmus

With Litmus, it’s all about testing. Litmus gives you a host of functionalities that you can use to test and track your emails in a variety of ways. You want to test them on PC web clients? Done. You want to test them in any version of Android, iOS or Windows Phones? Easy.

Using Litmus, you can build, test, and collaborate for higher conversions and better results. The best part is that it is provided in one seamless, integrated solution. It’s remarkably easy for everyone at your organization to use. By running your campaigns through Litmus you stand to gain a much better result because your emails will be optimized for all devices. Litmus provides over 40 clients and devices you can test on with one simple click.

But the benefits of Litmus don’t end there. You can also use Litmus to get a ton of metrics that you can learn from and apply across all your marketing efforts. From search to social to paid campaigns, your entire team will gain new knowledge that can be used to get greater results across all of your marketing.

Litmus provides a free trial, but beyond that, you need to pay to use it. The basic version starts at $99 a month, Litmus Plus at $199, and Litmus Enterprise is priced depending on the client’s needs.

#03 MailJet

MailJet is a fantastic tool that allows you to easily combine template-based marketing and transactional email sending in one neat online app. When you consider that MailJet also provides a consultation service, you are pretty much good to go.

MailJet has a fantastic email template editor that allows you and your team to create, edit, and send effective emails. Using MailJet, both marketers and developers will be able to work together in real-time. You can also iterate faster by giving feedback directly within the email templates. Both of these are features that most other email marketing tools do not provide.

The platform also comes with a number of tools to segment lists and personalize emails with all your contact data. With the A/X testing feature, you can test up to ten different versions of your email before you decide which on one. You also get a campaign comparison tool that allows you to compare your previous campaigns against the current one to get an understanding of what works, what doesn’t and more.

You can manage email lists, stats and templates all inside Mailjet’s user-friendly interface, and when it’s time to send the emails, you’ll have complete control over that, too. You can use the app’s UI to create a campaign or alternatively, you could use the API integration and use a few lines of code to launch a formatted email campaign. It’s all at your discretion.

MailJet offers a free plan with the ability to send 6,000 emails a month or 200 emails a day. The paid packages are the Basic version, at $9.65, and Premium at $20.95. There is also an Enterprise version with custom pricing.

#04 Constant Contact

Constant Contact provides you with several hundred design templates — all optimized for all devices — or easily design your own. Constant Contact’s editor allows you to easily insert a wide assortment of extra features as you wish, whether it’s documents, images, polls, surveys, videos, or more. Using Constant Contact, that even those with 0 coding skills can easily design striking marketing emails.

Constant Contact also has a number of additional features to make an email marketer’s life easy. You’ll get automatic welcome emails, subject line testing, and contact segmentation based on clicks, all of which will allow you to almost become an overnight expert in email marketing.

You can also create comprehensive reports on your email campaigns to show the number of opt-outs, complaints, bounces, forwards and click-throughs. The social-share toolbar and social media buttons – Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – will work wonders to boost traffic to your web page.

It also offers a dedicated set of email marketing tools aimed solely at eCommerce. Which makes Constant Contact a good option for those who are running online stores.

Constant Contact does not have a free option, however, you do get your first month free. They offer only two plans. The first is the Email plan, starting at $20 a month, and offering unlimited emails. The second is the Email Plus plan, which starts at $45 a month, and comes with a host of advanced features.

#05 Omnisend

Most other email marketing tools also have eCommerce features. Omnisend on the other hand, is solely focused on eCommerce. While it is a relatively new platform compared to most others, it’s effectiveness has allowed it to rise to the top of leading marketing platforms for eCommerce.

All of Omnisend’s powerful features are tailored for eCommerce needs. Omnisend offers automated email, SMS, push notifications, and most impressively, integrations with Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook Ads, Messenger, and Whatsapp. You can easily connect all the channels that your customers use to Omnisend’s omnichannel platform and reach out to your customers in a manner that they prefer.

Further, because they specialize purely in eCommerce, the platform has a large library of innovative templates that are tailor-made for eCommerce. You want to reduce cart abandonment and increase repeat buyers? Omnisend has you covered. The platform also integrates with most eCommerce platforms, including Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce. But it doesn’t stop there. Omnisend goes a step further and also integrates with review, loyalty and help desk platforms, such as Yotpo, Smile.io, and ReCharge.

Ominsend does offer a free plan with 15,000 emails a month and some basic features. But you can only take advantage of the platform’s best features if you sign up for the paid versions. You get a Standard version for $16/month that provides a few additional features than the Free version. But there is also a Pro version that starts at $99/month and unlocks a wide number of advanced features. You can get more functions and unlimited emails with the custom-priced Enterprise plan.

#06 AWeber

AWeber is an excellent choice for small businesses looking for powerful but simple email marketing tools. The platform boasts an AI-powered design assistant that helps you build amazing-looking branded email templates in seconds. You also have access to a drag and drop landing page designer. And of course, a massive library of pre-built templates you can take advantage of.

The biggest draw for AWeber is it’s simplicity. The platform is focused on making life easy for small businesses. Using AWeber, you can easily integrate your email marketing account with other platforms and shopping cart tools. You also get access to the powerful AWeber Labs. AWeber Labs allows you to build your own apps and tools using the AWeber API. This level of flexibility is rare to find in most email marketing tools. It allows you to apply all the information you gain from your customer data into optimizing marketing strategies.

AWeber’s monthly plans start at $19 for up to 500 subscribers and go all the way up to $149 for 10,000 to 25,000 subscribers. However, it does offer a free trial if you want to test it out.

#07 GetResponse

GetResponse is another effective email marketing tool that focuses on communication with your clients. The platform allows you to connect directly with your audience anywhere using personalized email marketing and webinars. They offer a number of prebuilt, beautiful email templates that makes sending emails a breeze.

The platform proudly proclaims that if you are a GetResponse user, you will never need another email marketing tool again. They seem committed to their promise, too, by providing an all-in-one software that does a wide range of jobs.

Using GetResponse, you can design and build emails, webinars, landing pages, and more. Everything will be geared towards increasing your campaigns chances of success. The platform tracks how many subscribers view your emails, the complaints you recieve, unsubscribe rate, click rates, and more. The data collected by GetResponse can be displayed in pie charts and bar graphs.

GetResponse offers 26 languages to choose from, allowing the tool to be used across the world. They also provide real-time support along with a wealth of educational materials.

The platform offers a free trial of any package. The basic plan starts at $15 a month for 1000 subscribers. The most popular plan, named “Plus”, starts at $49 a month. However, the packages don’t offer a fixed number of emails/subscribers. The prices are dependent on the number of subscribers you have.

#08 MailerLite

Whereas most other tools in the list are suitable for small to medium businesses, or even larger ones, MailerLite is the perfect solution for personal projects. Unlike most other email marketing tools out there, MailerLite is a good choice no matter what industry you work in.

MailerLite provides most of the features provided by other popular email marketing tools, but it does lack some. The platform has an in-built editor, a number of methods to engage subscribers, email automation features, and a respectable number of integrations. However it does lack an in-built CRM and more advanced marketing features. But for freelancers, side projects, and very small startups, the features provided by MailerLite will more than serve your needs.

The best part about MailerLite is it’s incredibly cheap prices. You can send up to 12,000 emails to 1,000 subscribers entirely for free. The paid packages start at $10, with unlimited emails to 1,000 subscribers. They go up to $50, with unlimited emails to up to 10,000 subscribers.

#09 LeadPages

As the name might imply, LeadPages is an excellent tool to build stunning landing pages. LeadPages offers a code-free method to build websites that can engage your audience from the very first click.

You can easily create a variety of landing pages for your website — pages that are vital if you want to drive your brand’s success online — in minutes. The platform offers a large number of conversion-optimized, mobile-responsive templates. You can then easily edit those with the in-built drag-and-drop editor.

LeadPages also allows you to turn every bit of traffic into more leads and sales with an effective conversion toolkit that includes alert bars, pop-ups, opt-in texts, and more. As is standard for all email marketing tools, LeadPages also integrates with a large number of the most popular email marketing providers. This means that you’re only ever a few clicks away from integrating your landing page with the desired marketing platform.

The platform offers a 14 day trial and three paid plans. The basic package starts at $25/month billed annually. The highest priced Advanced package will set you back $199/month billed annually.

#10 Sendinblue

Sendinblue is easily one of the best available transactional email services. But they offer a complement of features that makes Sendinblue an easy pick for anyone needing comprehensive email marketing tools.

While they don't offer tools that are as powerful as some of the others in the market, Sendinblue sets itself apart by being one of the few email marketing providers with servers in the European Union. Customers who use the platform also praise it’s deliverability rates and it’s marketing automation features.

But the fact that Sendinblue’s tools aren’t as powerful as the others listed here isn’t really an issue if you are small business. Sendinblue does provide a wide number of tools you can take advantage of. In addition, Sendinblue also has a huge focus on data privacy and GDPR compliance. For businesses in Europe, Sendinblue is one of the best email marketing tools available.

Sendinblue offers a free tier, with 300 emails a day and basic features. New marketers can also take advantage of the Lite tier, at $25/month with the ability to send 40,000 emails. The most popular option is the $66 Premium tier which offers 120,000 emails and all the essential features.

#11 Infusionsoft by Keap

Infusionsoft by Keap is expensive to acquire, but that’s for a good reason. After all, it is ranked #1 for CRM and marketing automation. Infusionsoft allows you to capture leads automatically through built-in landing pages, convert more visitors to leads, automatically add new leads to your contacts with advanced segmentation, and more.

Once you purchase the product and go through the setup process, you’ll be good to go. You can simply jump into your email marketing campaign without any trouble. Infusionsoft boasts that 82% of users increased their conversion rates using the software, and it’s not hard to believe.

Infusionsoft provides a flowchart-style campaign manager that makes building email campaigns pure fun. But once you’ve done your part, Infusionsoft will take care of the rest with a bulletproof automation process. Infusionsoft assures that at any time, all your customers will be attended to and interacted with in a highly personalized way, while you are free to focus on other priorities.

One of Infusionsoft’s standout features is it’s CRM lead scoring. It’s nothing extraordinary, but still a feature that is quite lacking in most other email marketing tools/CRM platforms.

If you are interested in trying out Infusionsoft, Keap offers a free one month trial. Beyond that, you’ll be spending $199 per month. Keap also offers two other excellent email marketing tools, if you don’t CRM features: Keap Grow and Keap Pro.

#12 BacklinkSEO

It’s not quite an email marketing tool. However, the features provided by BacklinkSEO will help your business grow and in doing so, further your email marketing efforts. BacklinkSEO is a platform that tracks all your backlinks, their statuses, and constantly monitors them.

Using BacklinkSEO, you can keep an eye on all your backlinks and see which are working as intended and which are not. This, along with the wealth of other metrics measured by BacklinkSEO will allow you to identify trends and change your strategies to adopt. You can also use the data to inform your email marketing strategies.

BacklinkSEO offers a basic, lifetime offer for Solo LTDs at $59 dollars. Beyond that, there are three more tiers, at $149, $279, and $499 respectively.

#13 Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor’s website proudly claims that connecting with your audience has never been easier with Campaign Monitor’s straightforward email marketing and automation tools. That might not be too far from the truth.

Campaign Monitor boasts a robust clutter-free Template Builder tool that automatically ensures that your emails will fit any screen, but the platform also goes a step further. It generates a final look of your email design in multiple popular email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and more. This feature allows you to ensure that your email marketing materials are being displayed in the manner you want them to.

A clever feature also allows email designers to lock portions of the template so that others can only update what you want them to. In addition to allowing multiple people to work on one template without getting in each others’ ways, this feature also ensures that your brand style and business critical information all stay intact.

You can also import your own HTML templates into Campaign Monitor, utilizing it’s tags. Then you can edit your template in Campaign Monitor’s integrated template editor. That platform also allows a variety of formats to be uploaded such as Excel, tab delimited and CSV. Alternatively, you can also copy and paste your data.

The platform offers three packages. Basic starts at $9 a month, which gives you access to all the core features. Advanced features can be unlocked with the Unlimited package or the Premiere package, at $29 and $149 respectively.

#14 OneMoreLead

OneMoreLead is very new to the scene, but the service they are offering is something that anyone doing B2B marketing will find a ton of uses for.

Essentially, OneMoreLead offers you a database of over 40 million pre-verified B2B prospects to search from, making it very easy for you to find the perfect prospect to sell your product or service to.

As you know, you can’t conduct an email marketing campaign without email addresses to send emails to. Usually, you find these addresses through a number of means, then you have to go through the process of verifying and cleaning your list, and only then can you start your campaign in earnest. With OneMoreLead, you are guaranteed to get leads that are already clean and verified. You can sort through them by a number of categories, pick the ones you need, and get to emailing them.

As they are a very new company, they don’t yet have all the pricing details hammered out, but they welcome interested parties to get in touch with them.

#15 Autopilot

Autopilot claims to be “marketing automation software made visual.”

What does that mean? It means that they have a genuinely fun, incredibly simple to use designer tool that allows you to build email automation sequences that are easy to understand. The best part is that Autopilot doesn’t make any compromises on functionality to do this, either.

Autopilot also has an understanding of how quickly an email automation sequence can become confusing. The platform solves this issue by allowing you to make notes/annotate your automation sequences with text, but also emojis and stickers. Like we said, Autopilot is a pretty fun bit of software.

Using Autopilot, you can very easily capture new leads from your website, app or blog and then nurture them with personalized messages. Repetitive tasks like educating new subscribers, assigning leads, booking appointments and following up sales leads will all be automated. The platform also integrates with a large number of popular email marketing tools, so that your workflow remains simple.

It starts at $49/month for 2,000 contacts, and at that price, it’s not the cheapest option. Especially as it does not have an in-built CRM. However, the platform does make up for it by being very intuitive to use if you want to create powerful email automation sequences. Beyond the first plan, you have Gold at $149/month and Platinum at $249/month. You can try any plan for free for 30 days.

#16 VerifyBee

We’d be remiss to mention everything else and not mention ourselves.

Email verification is just something that every business ends up doing, and which means that an email marketing platform is a must-have tool in your arsenal of email marketing tools. VerifyBee gives you a host of cutting edge email verification tools that helps you verify your emails and phone numbers by connecting to your existing CRM, or through a list upload.

We can help streamline your customer verifications and get through the boring parts of email marketing faster. Once you have a cleaned list, your marketing and sales teams can focus on their marketing and sales efforts.

The VerifyBee platform is built to make sure that your message is received, because we believe that even the world’s best message won’t matter if there is no one to hear it. Rest assured that your emails will reach their destination with VerifyBee. We have a proprietary email verification platform that is built from the ground up to ensure state-of-the-art performance and incredible accuracy. Unlike most other platforms we actually ping servers to verify each and every email on your list for the most accurate results.

We also offer our services at an affordable price. Our first plan gives you 2,500 verifications at $19 a month, which is anywhere from $1-$21 cheaper than our most popular competitors. One of our most popular plans gives you 25,000 verifications at $99 a month, which is $26-$101 cheaper than competitors. You'll get the same exact levels of quality verification and superb support, just at a price that won’t break your bank.

Bonus Tool: Discover Emails

Discover Emails is not out yet — we only know about it because of our top secret industry connections — but it’s something you need to keep an eye on. They are developing a Chrome extension that will allow users to grab emails from any websites they want. While a simple enough tool, this will allow you to round out your email marketing lists with more viable emails.

And once again, what’s an email marketing campaign without emails, huh?

Email Marketing Tools — It’s Your Choice

There you go. 16 excellent, powerful email marketing tools for you to pick and choose from. Some of these tools provide the same core service as others, but they still do something different; you might prefer one for it’s features over the other. Some of these tools provide a very unique service; you won’t be able to find another like it.

Either way, all of these are tools that you should consider using if you are in email marketing. You’ll find that as your collection of email marketing tools grows — as long as you are using them effectively — your brand reaches new and greater levels of success. And after all, isn’t that what we want?

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